Monday 24 August 2015

My Outdoor Cinema Experience

On Friday evening, me, my brother and my grandparents went to an outdoor screening of the film, the Blues Brothers (if you didn't say that in the accent I am utterly disappointed!).

Now, outdoor screenings I films seem to me as an incredibly American thing. The only previous experience I had had of them were from American TV programmes of films. They can be seen in anything from a tom on to Phineas and Ferb (you know the episode) and whenever I had seen them I was always dying to go to one. 

The British version was a lot more, well, British. It was run by a local theatre company and when we arrived we were greeted by hot dogs, popcorn and a whole range of hot and cold food stuffs. In the American films we usually see drive in cinemas, as in you drive your car and watch the film from inside. Alas, we sat outside in the open air, wrapped up in several layers and seated rather comfortably on hay bails or camp chairs. A two-man band played folk songs and folk versions of songs in a tent nearby and got us all excited. And what else could make it more British than a spot of rain everyone and again - or, indeed, throughout the whole film. But hey, I'm in Wales, what else could you expect?

The screen itself was at the bottom of a shallow hill in a clearing. We arrived over an hour before the film was due to start, yet we still had to sit relatively near the back due to the amount of people who had already found their places on the hill. However, we still had a good view as we sat almost directly opposite the screen and were at the very top of the hill. 

I don't know whether or not you have seen the Blues Brothers (it's been around for quite some time and is quite popular), but I would urge you to watch it. I have seen it twice now and each time it's been great. 

And who doesn't love a good car chase mixed with a legendary musical cast? 


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