Wednesday 17 June 2015

"You like that band?"

Why is it that people so often judge someone else on the type of music they listen to? Why is it that whenever some teenage girl says that she likes One Direction that automatically means that she can’t like The Beatles or Mozart or Fall Out Boy or any other artist that the person she has opened up to deems to make ‘good’ music? Because heaven forbid someone listens more than one genre of music!

   I admit - I may not be entirely innocent when it comes to judging people on the music they like. But I can still recognise how stupid I’m being and think to myself:

 ‘You go love that band! And that one! And any music you want!’

 Because, really, another person’s taste in music is neither my business nor my problem.

  We spend way too long worrying about (or should I say examining) someone else’s taste in music. Way too long.  Sure, talk about a band as a common interest but don’t say how much you hate them if the other person has already stated that they're their favourite band. That’s honestly just plain rude. Why should you make a person feel bad just because they like a band that you probably don’t care all that much about? It’s just getting them down over nothing – and what’s the use in spreading even more negativity than there already is in the world?

   If someone wants to listen to classical music and rock music: let them.
   Heck if they want to listen to a classical-rock fusion let them!
   Let them listen to any type of music they want!

If it makes them happy, why should it be a problem?

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