Friday 12 June 2015

5 Ways to Conquer Post Concert Depression

1. Listen to the artist/band’s music on replay

It doesn’t matter whether they have 1 album or 10: play them constantly! Play their songs on shuffle, in order, backwards or upside down – you only care as long as you’re listening to them.

2. Down the ice cream like there’s no tomorrow

Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, your favourite band member’s favourite flavour - whatever it is just keep shoveling it down. I swear ice cream is the remedy to anything…

3. If they have a YouTube channel: STALK IT!

Or maybe their supporting act’s channel. Whichever one you prefer. But remember that even if you have watched a video 500 times before there’s nothing wrong with watching it for another 500 times.

4. Then stalk their social media

Only make sure you don’t like a post from 379 weeks ago; people will start to think you’re a bit of a weirdo.

5. Constantly keep an eye out for more tickets to their shows

Even if it’s 2 years away, that’s something to give you incentive for anything.

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