Friday 16 April 2021

5 Current Podcast Favourites

I love me some podcasts, and I love chatting about the ones I’ve been listening to a lot. Recently, I’ve been listening to podcasts on solo walks and I’ve also started listening to them while running too. To me, podcasts are a way to relax, as well as to learn new things from new people. These are some of the podcasts I’ve particularly enjoyed recently!

1. All the Small Things

Born out of Talking Tastebuds, All the Small Things covers an even wider array of subjects and interviewees, and is hosted by Venetia La Manna. This podcast is very new, so only has a few episodes, but the guests Venetia has been able to get are incredible. I think my personal favourite so far is the episode with Gelong Thubten, a Buddhist monk and meditation teacher. I listened to the episode while doing a food shop and with episode having a short guided meditation at the end I have never felt so good after a trip to Morrison’s! Other guests include Megan Jayne Crabbe aka BodiPosiPanda, Pandora Sykes and Rina Sawayama, and with a line up like the one it already has, I’m buzzing to see who else features on All the Small Things! 

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2. Out of Office

Despite still being a full time student and unlikely to ever be a full time freelancer, Fiona Thomas’ podcast has been a regular for my walks during lockdown (*read: forcing myself to go outside and get some fresh air and exercise). I think Out of Office is an incredibly valuable listen whether you are a freelancer or not as Fiona touches on topics that can be applied to a variety of types of working. The episodes I find particularly valuable are the ones discussing mental health, but other topics include finding your purpose at work, money habits, impacts of toxic work cultures, and whether routines are the right thing for everyone, as well as more practical episodes discussing resources for writers and freelancers, how to plan a non-fiction book, and how to find clients. 

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3. Close-Up with Aurelia Magazine

Close-Up is my newest podcast discovery and has quickly become a firm favourite. It is hosted by Kya and Amelia, flatmates who work both work on Aurelia (Kya is the founder and editor-in-chief), a digital magazine which publishes the first person stories of marginalised genders. I have been a fan of Aurelia for a while – they have covered so many issues and published some of my favourite recent articles. Their podcast continues their focus on personal narratives and stories, covering a whole range of subjects, from diversifying your bookshelf (which included fascinating insights into the publishing industry), sex toys and wanking, to writing for Vogue. This podcast is such a relaxing and still informative listen to me, and is really an extension of the magazine for your ears!

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4. Feminists in Training

This one may sound a bit biased as it’s the podcast of my university’s Feminist Society, of which I am the Vice President. But I genuinely love listening to Feminists in Training. It hasn’t had many episodes, we only started in February, but there is so much information and discussion crammed into each episode, I’ve always learned something new when listening to it. Each begins with an overview of recent feminist news, and then dives into the main topic of the episode. These topics have included faith and feminism, self-love, and Covid-19 and anti-Asian racism. Keep your eyes peeled for an episode all about Fashion Revolution Week hosted by yours truly coming up soon!

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5. The Yikes Podcast

Yikes has been a firm favourite of mine for over a year now and I have talked about it for a long time on this blog, other places online, and in person. Hosts Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker discuss a wide variety of issues surrounding climate and social justice. They have also had some fab guests on recently, including Layla F. Saad and Mary Heglar. I have learned so much from Yikes, and listening to their episodes always leaves me questioning myself, my thought patterns and my actions. One of the key ideas I’ve learned from Yikes has been avoiding idolising people, particularly activists, to ensure that you see everyone as humans who make mistakes and try to do better. This podcast s doing amazing work and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

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