Monday 8 May 2017

Why the 'When Harry Met Sally' Mantra is Bollocks

The mantra that is at the centre of the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally is that men and women can never be friends without one falling in love with the other or an attraction leading to sex and then the friendship being messed up by those complications.

My first thought about that statement: UTTER BOLLOCKS! It’s completely ridiculous and has so many problems associated with it.

But then again, I still love the film.

I have a major problem with the mantra if you hadn’t already guessed, but I do still love the film and will probably watch it countless times during my lifetime. The mantra of the film just seems a bit ridiculous to me, and perhaps a bit sexist in thinking that a man can’t control himself and that a woman will just fling herself at anyone vaguely interested. It’s an odd thing to suggest than no man and woman can ever be friends without anything romantic or sexual getting in the way, I suppose I must go and tell all my male friends that our friendship must be cut off, put to an end, because we’ll obviously inevitably end up having sex one day and that’ll ruin everything – even with the gay ones.

But then what about the gay men and women? Can’t they be friends with a person of the opposite sex, because even then they’ll end up having sex despite the fact that they’re not attracted to their ‘friend’? The logic is heteronormative and ridiculous.

But you know what, I still love the film (not just because of Carrie Fisher, although she does play a huge part in my love for the film). It’s a classic and one of the ultimate romcoms, so as an avid rom-com lover, how could I not love it? Many romcoms are problematic in oh so many ways, so in a way, they are kind of my guilty pleasure. Except the fact that I feel no guilt whatsoever.

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