Monday 14 March 2016

An Imperfection | A Poem

I’d like you to meet my lifelong friends,
Or perhaps I should refer to them as companions,
They’re not all that friendly, in the end,
They sit around all day, you see,
Wallowing in dark circles and purple thoughts
Looming under my eyes
Two ominous figures
Forever there -
My shadows of life
And my constant companions.
Some do not like their presence,
They say they make me look more tired
Like I haven’t had enough sleep
“You shouldn’t have these -
You’re too young.”
They make me feel insecure - 
It’s not a very heathy relationship, you see -
So I cover them up
And force them to wear makeup
As they’re seen as ugly,
Imperfections, if you will,
People look down upon them
They’re not the sort of thing you would expect to see
On a beautiful face, stereotypically,
Most of the time I try to hide them
But the truth is that I don’t want to
Or, at least, shouldn’t have to,
I’m going to present them to the world:
The friends who have stuck by me since
I can remember
And will stay with me
For as long as I’m able to remember
I may hide them at times,
But what relationship is ever calm and peaceful?
However, I will not disown them,
Instead, I shall learn to embrace them
Become at ease with them
Even though I shall never truly love them.
My companions have nothing to do with my tiredness,
Or my age,
Or even my mood,
They are simply there and always have been.
My companions ’til the last,
Always to be relied upon 
To be present in my day.
What do you think
Now that you are better acquainted?


Hey! What do you guys think of my poetry? I'd love to get some feedback if that would be possible!

Jemima x


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