Wednesday 19 August 2015

The Value of a Lazy Day

As much as it is great for us to be productive and useful and to keep ourselves busy, we do sometimes need a rest. From time to time our day-to-day lives can get the better of us. With our workload piling ever higher into some sort of stress filled spiraling tower of doom, sometimes we need to take a break. In other words we need to step away from the work and have a little time to yourself.

A good lazy day can work wonders. Sometimes a long soak in the bath with a cup of tea, a good book and an equally good bath bomb is all that is necessary to make yourself feel a whole lot better.

Set a Sunday aside, specifically for you to stay in your pajamas and slob all day. Make sure that you don’t do any work, only doing things that you enjoy and know relaxes you. For me, that means writing or reading, preferably with some sort of tea by my side. I’ll curl up in bed, armed with fluffy socks, a notepad or computer and a book or two; I’ll be sorted for the day. I can disappear into a fictional world of my choice and forget any work that I have to do.  Just a few hours rest can help me feel better and more up to a challenge – making the prospect of completing that tower of doom more bearable.

It’s important that we unwind every now and then – clear our minds and take the time to enjoy just existing for once.

How often do you have a lazy day?

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