Monday 17 August 2015

The Wonderful Land of Tomorrow

Tomorrow is such a weird place. It’s a day that could hold anything and is always there, yet we can never really reach it - a bit odd when you think about it, but still rather fantastic. Tomorrow could be the end of mankind for all we know, but it could also bring something truly amazing into our lives.

Tomorrow you could be a completely different person to the one you are now. Tomorrow you could take up dance, or football, or rugby, or running, or any sort of sport that you want to. Tomorrow could be the day that you start a healthier way of living and find that you love it.

Tomorrow could be the day that you discover your passion; that one something that adds a special spark to your life. You could find that you’re a talented artist, writer, or musician. But hey! Who actually cares if you’re not naturally talented at something? If you work hard at it and enjoy it then you’ll be great.

Tomorrow you could help out a cause that you hadn’t known existed before then.

Tomorrow you could change the way you dress completely, for the fun of it.

Tomorrow you could start a new part of your education and it will be fine - maybe starting secondary school, your a levels, or university. You’ll find that most of your worries were over nothing, though sometimes that needs a little longer than a day to sink in.

Tomorrow you could meet the person you will become your best friend. You could meet some people who inspire you in a particular way – whether it’s to be the best version of yourself you can be or to strive to complete a specific task that you have wanted to finish for god knows how long. Tomorrow you could meet the love of your life and maybe not even realise it.

Tomorrow you could change the world for the better; you could make the difference that you know needs to happen. Tomorrow could be the day you decide you’re worth it and that you can do it.

Everything and anything is possible in the tomorrow, but we really have to act in the present, today, so that we know that tomorrow will hold something good. While tomorrow could be the best day in your life, you can’t count on it being so and can’t just rely on everything happening then. You have to work to make sure that your tomorrow is a good today.

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