Friday 18 June 2021

Sustainable OOTD // Old Fast Fashion in Summer

It's the summer we've all been waiting for (and not just because the new series of Love Island is about to start). With restrictions easing (at least in the UK) and in-person social events actually able to happen, old habits and anxieties creep in. We've hardly been seen by our friends, family, and just random strangers for the past few year, so obviously we're doing to want to look nice now that we're out and about again. I don't know about you, but I've seen so much talk of what everyone's going to here on their first night out after lockdown, and, unsurprisingly, many fast fashion brands jumping on this moment to market us our new post-lockdown look. All of those new outfits being marketed to us are completely unnecessary. Looking good and, more importantly, feeling good about ourselves does not require us to buy new things. Especially when those new outfits are produced in a system that damages the women who are at its core in addition to the environment. 

Instead of buying from brands who are encouraging you to buy new for the sake of newness, have a root around in your wardrobe and see what old garments you have that you absolutely love. Try making new outfits with what you already have and find joy in doing so! These items are ones I've had for ages, and I've worn this outfit a lot in the recent heatwave. Whenever the sun comes out, I love cracking out some old favourites and reminding myself why I love them. Here's to old clothes and saying no to the pressure of new!

Top - old fast fashion (H&M), had for at least 4 years but probably over 5
Skirt - old fast fashion (H&M), had for a long time, probably similar time to the top I'm wearing
Tote bag - merch of my uni's Feminist Society, had for about 6 months (made voluntarily with sustainable materials)
Necklace - from Women in Hebron, a Palestinian women's collective, bought about 18 months ago
Earrings - had for so long I can't remember, wear them all the time
Sunglasses - not so old, got from M&S about a month ago
Sandals - vegan Blowfish, bought in Schuh 2-3 years ago, can't remember exactly. If anyone has any tips on sustainable and ethical shoes please let me know, I don't buy them very often but it's an area I don't know much about.

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