Monday 31 May 2021

May 2021 | Monthly Wrap Up

It feels like I’ve spent most of May in the library. 

Favourite part?


Definitely being able to see friends again! It’s been great to see small groups in person again. I’ve spent time with some lovely people this month, several of whom I’d not met in person before and many whom I’d not seen in ages. From walks, going to bars or lunch (both of which feel like a wild concept after everything’s been closed for so long), market trips or barbecues in the rain, it’s all been amazing actually socialising.


My flatmate and I went charity shopping! The last time I went to a charity shop was on my birthday nearly 8 months ago, and it was great to have a proper browse without a goal to get anything. I found some gems in one shop that I can’t wait to wear and create new outfits with. I’ve not had new clothes since the last time I went to a charity shop so this was very exciting for me! 


I also finished Couch to 5k! This is something I’m actually really proud of as for most of lockdown I was really inactive and became very unfit. I’m hoping to keep running regularly even know things are opening up more. I’ve still got to force myself to make sure I’m moving my body and staying active. 


And, as of either tonight or tomorrow morning (if everything goes to plan) I’ve finished by degree! Completing half of my undergrad in a pandemic has not been ideal, but I feel like I’ve made the most of it where I can.


Best read?


After finishing reading for my degree, I realized that I desperately need to be reading some kind of fiction at all times. So I picked up The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford. I’ve had a copy of it for a couple of years and thought I’d better hurry up and read it before the TV adaptation aired! Apart from the use of a racial slur coming relatively far through the book and which I was very glad they didn’t include in the series, I overall really enjoyed it and the characters.


Once I finished that, I started reading Aurora Floyd by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. I read wrote about one of Braddon’s other works for a course I was doing and loved it so have been looking to find more of her books. So far this is an easy read but I haven’t got too far through it yet (let’s blame deadline season).


I’ve also been reading more of Stitched Up by Tansy Hoskins and Sex and the Citadel by Shereen El Feki, both of which I find fascinating. In preparation for an essay, I also re-read Maria by Mary Wollstonecraft. 


Favourite listen?

My dance party playlist has been back out in full force. 


I’ve also been getting back into the Kermode on Film podcast (particularly loved the recent episode with Jack Howard on time loop films and the interview with Billie Piper) and Doing It! With Hannah Witton. I’ve also been revisiting old episodes of the Yikes Podcast and can’t wait for their next series. 

Favourite watch?


This section is going to make it sound like all I do is watch TV but I swear I’ve actually done some uni work and socialising! 

I’ve continued watching Bones. It’s been my main watch this month and while it’s by no means particularly serious or award-worthy it’s an easy watch and I enjoy the characters. I’ve also watched a few films this month, including Rocketman, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty and my old favourites, Anastasia and When Harry Met Sally. 


I have been loving several BBC series this month too! Having read The Pursuit of Love  earlier on in the month I was intrigued to see what the adaptation did with it and I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better adaptation. It was fun, loud, and colourful as the book and I loved how they gave a bit more focus to Fanny and her conflicts. 

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I also binge-watched Starstruck and Feel Good in one night each and I cannot express how much I loved them both. They both had me gripped and I loved the characters so much! I cannot wait for the second series of each! If you haven’t watched these yet, make sure you do!


My flatmates and I have been loving Glow Up. This series has gone really quickly and I’m looking forward to the last couple of episodes!

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What did I learn?


Lack of motivation after a dissertation hand-in (and with various other projects/taught aspects of uni also finish) is REAL. I’ve had to change my routine a lot to make sure I actually get stuff done otherwise I’ll just sit at home all day scrolling through Instagram.


What’s happening next month?

I love being able to say this, but nothing much! I’m doing an internship part-time for most of the month but apart from that I don’t have any plans. Hopefully, I’ll be reading, writing blog posts, seeing friends and lying in the sun. That’s the goal. 


What’s been on my mind?

What I’m doing this summer, trying to find a job, finishing this damn degree…


Favourite blogger/vlogger?

I’ve not been reading or watching anyone new, but maybe now that I’ve finished uni I’ll have chance to read more of other people’s blogs.

Favourite post?

As much as I alays love dressing up as Leia Organa, it has to be 50 Questions to Ask Your Favourite Fashion Brand. I’ve had such positive feedback on this post and its accompanying Instagram post and I’m so glad that it’s useful. It’s there to be a resource for anyone wanting to hold brands accountable and provide an easier way to be a part of change. Please check it out if you haven’t already!


Biggest inspiration?

It finally feeling like summer! Honestly for most of May it’s felt like February or March but it makes me so happy the last few days have actually been warm and sunny. It just brightens my mood so much and I have loved being able to practically live in my favourite bikini and not need extra layers.

Any other favourites?


I always feel like this is the food section, so I cannot disappoint! This month I’ve had a slight obsession with the glazed donuts from Gregg’s, they have genuinely kept me fueled when writing essays. I also had the best bagel from Dots and know that they’re going to be my summer staple treat lunch!


In non-food related news, I am also now obsessed with the Superdrug own brand ‘Naturally Radiant’ hot cloth cleanser. I borrowed some of my flatmate’s in an emergency when I couldn’t open my cleanser and it made my skin feel great (and was also really cheap) so I decided to get my own for everyday use and to keep using my usual Body Shop one for makeup removal. 

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