Friday 17 April 2020

5 Comfort Watches to Help You Get Through Lockdown

We’re all very such aware of the current situation. How could you not? Everyone’s quite fragile at the moment, and sometimes something that can help can simply be watching a screen for a while. Here are some shows, films, and videos, which help me feel better in any time of crisis.

1. When Harry Met Sally (Netflix)

I love this film. It’s probably one of my favourites, and undoubtedly my favourite romcom. I love the characters, the writing, and of course, Carrie Fisher. It never fails to make me laugh, it sometimes makes me cry, but I always feel a little bit better once I’ve watched. After all, it’s about old friends. 

2.  Outnumbered (Netflix, BBC iPlayer)

I have seen this show too many times to count. I always seem to go back to it in times of crisis. For some reason there’s something comforting and familiar in the chaos of the Brockmans’ house. It cracks me up so much, especially the first couple of series, an I think it may help with how much I miss the kids at NEST at the moment. 

3.  Brooklyn-99 (Netflix, E4)

Like Outnumbered, this is a series I have seen countless times. I find I go to ome episodes more thn others – Halloween heists, the Jibberjab Games, the first episode, He Said She Said, Moo Moo. And with series 7 now being released in the UK as well as the US, it’s time for some episodes I’ve not seen before people!!

4. Christopher Robin (Disney+)

I only saw this film for the first time nearly 2 weeks ago, with it being available on Disney+, and honestly, it felt like a hug in a film. The portrayals of Pooh and his friends are simply adorable, and the whole thing just made me go ‘aawwwwww’. It’s heartwarming and lovely and definitely worth a watch for anyone who needs a bit of nostalgia. 

5.  Leena Norms (YouTube)

As a follower of Leena’s for several years (I genuinely can’t remember when I first starting watching her videos), I am very familiar with her style of video making, the topics she tends to discuss and sometimes the individual videos themselves. Whether it’s a video about more specific problems (such as climate change, bigotry or a list of break up books) or more chatty videos discussing more complicated philosophical, political or societal issues over more every day or even mundane tasks such as washing up dishes, doing make-up or sorting out your wardrobe. Leena’s videos always leave me feeling at least a little bit better, and a lot of the time feel like I’m talking to an old friend. And in times of crisis (whether personal or on pandemic scale), these can be so useful in keeping grounded.

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