Friday 24 May 2019

5 Ethical Influencers Pt. 3

Social media is an incredible tool for the ethical improvement of individuals and of wider society, and one which shouldn’t be overlooked. This is the last (probably, keep your eyes out I may return) instalment of this series. I hope these have been useful and that you can use all of the information these people are sharing to full use.

1. Sarah Nourse

Sarah discusses all sorts on her YouTube channel, mostly to do with budgeting and organisation, but also minimalism, sustainability and travel. She is vegan, and sometimes discusses how what she eats (as well as trying to reduce her waste) can be affordable as well as environmentally friendly. Whilst her page may not seem to be all about sustainability and ethics from a first glance, I believe that self-betterment and more mindful is in fact incredibly well aligned to living in a sustainable and ethical way. Organisation, mindfulness, minimalism and budgeting are all methods and choices which feed into living a more sustainable and ethical life.

2. Cheap Lazy Vegan

I mean the content of Rose’s YouTube channel (and the rest of her social media profiles) is kind of obvious from the name she uses. As she says on her blog, it’s her mission to prove that “being a vegan is not difficult OR expensive”, and that’s exactly what she does. Her food is varied, tasty and cheap. She also discusses a wide range of issues within veganism – the ethical nuances – and pushes the boundaries with the food she makes – like soy-free tofu and vegan steak. One cool lady. 

3. Avant-Garde Vegan

A Welsh vegan influencer!! Yes, people! Okay, but Gareth is actually great. As a professional chef, he shows several recipes which I aspire to be able to make. He has so many cool recipes which I would probably never be able to make, but are honestly so cool I just love to watch them. His YouTube videos and Instagram posts are a reminder of how seriously good vegan food can be. Shove that in your cakehole and eat it. I mean he made freakin vegan eggs benedict??? I love food so much oh my life. 

4. Pick Up Limes

Sadia is the queen of meal prep. Honestly, I’m in awe. She really inspires me to try and do more, especially when it comes to lunches and breakfasts. She emphasizes slowing down your lifestyle, and living in a way which is good for your mind and body (and ultimately the planet), rather than the lightning fast ones which I dominant in our society. She has some seriously amazing looking vegan recipes which I definitely need to have a crack at at some point. 

5. Beets and Bobs

My friend Elijah first showed me Amesha and Bishalee’s Instagram page, and they’re probably the one on this series who I have most recently discovered. I just love seeing new and interesting vegan food, and they never fail to provide me with dishes to drool over. Their detailed reviews are incredible, and so useful especially when it comes to some more expensive items, as they could save you from spending a bit more on something which might disappoint. They also share some recipes too (I’m currently looking at the pancake recipe they shared for pancake day and I actually think they’re making me feel hungry just looking at them!). 

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