Friday 26 April 2019

My Current Podcast Faves

If you’re a podcast addict like me, you’ll always be on the hunt for something new to listen to. I hope you love these ones as much as I do if you decide to give them a go!

1. The High Low

I started listening to this podcast after Venetia Falconer (as mentioned below) recommended it as one of her personal favourites. Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes are both journalists and are very close friends. Every week they discuss all the latest news in culture and politics. They discuss all sorts, from their favourite books, plays, TV shows and news articles to the highest and most serious news stories such as the case of Shamima Begham, which they have discussed at length. I love that they’re so close and just completely get each other and each other’s sense of humour. Is it bad that the fact that they are so incredibly middle class that makes me laugh? They’re currently on a brief break and I can’t wait until they return.
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2. Talking Tastebuds

I have already mentioned Venetia in the first part of my Ethical Influencers series, so you may have already heard about her from there. If you’re like me and love the eco scene on social media, you will probably have seen her on YouTube and Instagram, as she is one of the queens of sustainability. On her podcast, Talking Tastebuds, Venetia talks to a variety of different foodies in the public eye, to talk about all sorts of stuff, ranging from wht they had for breakfast, their childhood, professional lives, mental health and general food fancies! Some episodes are with vegan guests and can revolve around sustainability, but many are with non-vegans, which is something I quite like as it broadens out the topic and her appeal to a wider audience, and makes her show a little more eclectic. 

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3. The Guilty Feminist 

If you know anything about me, you may know that this podcast is (and probably always will be) my favourite podcast. There’s just no way I could not include it on this list. Deborah Frances-White is an icon – for me personally and for hundreds (let’s be real, thousands) of people out there. This show has taught me so much and helped me improve my own feminism in a variety of different ways. Comedy is a powerful medium. It helps create a platform for empathy and can often have a larger impact than one that aims to be constantly serious. If you start listening to any one of these – listen to this one.  

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4. Kermode on Film

Last year, I first heard of Mark Kermode through his TV show Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema on BBC, which I watched almost religiously with my family. I freaking love fim analysis (any kind of analysis let’s be honest, I study English Literature and Politics for christ’s sake) so this series was perfect for someone like me. Since then, I’ve kept an eye out for Mark Kermode on TV, social media, radio, in newspapers, and then on podcasts. I found it when Jack Howard mentioned the podcast on his YouTube channel as he was now becoming a regular guest on it. Separately, I am a fan of both of these men’s work, so hearing that they would be discussing films together made me very excited. I listened to this podcast particularly around awards season, and think that listening to Mark’s awards season specials will become a kind of personal tradition. If you love films, this one’s for you!

5. David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

As a self-confessed and proud Whovian, of course I was going to listen to David Tennant’s new podcast, especially with Jodie Whittaker as his first guest. Every week, David interviews a different celebrity - usually someone he has some sort of connection with, a lot of the time through the various different jobs he has done. For example, both Catherine Tate and Jodie Whitaker he has connections with through Doctor Who, but has worked with them elsewhere whether on stage or somewhere else on television or film. The element of friendship (or at least some degree of acquaintance) is something I really love about this podcast. David always seems so at ease with his guest and lets them inform the direction of the conversation and adapt with wherever it is taken. That’s why some of my favourite episodes are with Catherine Tate and Jennifer Garner. Even with people who I’m guessing that he isn’t close friends with, I absolutely loved. Both Whoopi Goldberg and Gordon Brown’s episodes were so interesting and entertaining, and I think that’s simply because they are interesting characters themselves. Admittedly, I haven’t listened to all of the episodes, I need a proper catch up, but I can’t wait to see who else he gets chatting to.  

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6. Wonder Women

I have watched Carrie Hope Fletcher on YouTube for years now – it seems a ridiculously long time! So recently, when she announced that she had started a podcast with her friend and fellow actor Celinde Schoenmaker, of course I was going to give it a go. This podcast consists of short 20-30 minute episodes, where each week these women discuss all sorts of topics, usually surrounding women throughout history in some way or another. Celinde seems to be the one who does most of the research,a nd they kind of remind me of Steve and Richie from What Am Politics? in the sense that the listeners learn along with one of the hosts. I look forward to hearing what else they have to say!

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What are your favourite podcasts? I’m always looking out for new ones to try!

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