Friday 17 March 2017

5 Stunning Pembrokeshire Beaches

On the west coast of Wales, there is a county called Pembrokeshire, which is basically filled with beaches!

1. Freshwater East

Freshwater East is not far from the county’s namesake town and a lovely stretch of beach with lots of dunes and it’s even near a pub! It has a stream going to the sea that separates the beach into two sections and, as there’s a bridge crossing it, provides the perfect opportunity for a game of Pooh Sticks! This is certainly one of my favourites on this list.

2. Tenby

Tenby has 3 beaches: North, South and the Harbour beach. Each is lovely and has plenty of space, particularly South Beach, which also has a restaurant and cafĂ© right on its borders and is probably easier to get to by car, but the others are nice as well, and slightly closer to the main town centre. If you’re basing yourself on any of the beaches, there are plenty of opportunities to pop into a cafe or shop and grab a snack.

3. Freshwater West

Ever seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts I and II) or the 2010 Robin Hood film? Both beaches seen in these films are in fact one in the same and are in reality, a windy beach on the west coast of Wales. If you’re prepared for the wind, this’ll be good for you. There are big sand dunes in Fresh West so I would recommend bringing a sled if you have one. Sand sledding is the best!


4. Newgale

Newgale is a long beach, sitting alongside the road from the town of Haverfordwest to the city (you can barely call it that) of St. David’s. If you like surfing, this is definitely the beach for you! Running between the road and the beach is a manmade mound of pebbles and in the summer you can normally rely on there being an ice-cream truck in the car park or you can get ice-creams from the shop.


5. Barafundle Bay

Barafundle was a relatively unknown beach, used mostly by locals, until it was placed in the top 12 beaches in the world in 2004. It is a gorgeous beach, that can become quite a sunspot if it’s warm. Although a little bit of a walk to get to, I have to say that Barafundle is one of my favourites.


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