Friday 13 January 2017

5 Blogging Goals for 2017

My blog has grown a lot in the past year, so why not aim to continue that?


1. Reach 50,000 views

At the end of this year, my blog’s views were around 26,000, having been at around 7,000ish at the end of 2015. That makes me really proud and I would love to try to double my views next year.

2. Publish 90 posts

That’s 1.7 posts a week, so not too bad. I think I can do that pretty easily. I want to be able to write lots of posts that I’m proud of, so hopefully, I can do that! During exam time it can get difficult, but I've had 

3. Write at least 10 political posts

I want to start articulating my thoughts on issues I’m passionate about and interested in. I love politics (you may have seen that I study it as one of my A Levels) and hope that by writing about current events I can spread education and improve my own personal understanding.

4. Try to do 2 sponsored posts

I have worked with companies and PRs this year, but I would love to reach out further and with more companies in the best way I can.

5. Do another collab!

I love working with my fellow bloggers! They’re all so creative and lovely and I feel honoured to call some of them my friends, both in real life and online. Speaking of this one, if any of you are interested in this then do email me!

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