Wednesday 28 December 2016

2016 Blogging Goals: Completed?

I do love a goals post... My blog has grown a lot in the past year and that’s all down to my lovely readers!

1. Hit 20,000 views

Completed? Certainly!

My blog now has over 27,000 views. Incredible!

2. Do something with my header

Completed? Yes

I used Canva to create my new header, which fits the theme better and I think looks more professional. I am much happier with it but may make another change next year for the fun of it.

3. Do another collab

Completed? Kind of…

I haven’t done any specific collabs, but I have worked with a company for the first time, my friend Anna and I have done guest posts on each other’s blogs and I have been a part of the group blog, Through Our Eyes ever since July.

4. Reach 54 Bloglovin’ followers

Completed? Smashed it!

That was double the number of followers I had this time last year and I reached it within a few weeks. As I am writing, Another Ranting Reader has 337 Bloglovin’ followers. That’s pretty cool!

5. Improve my photography and editing

Completed? Meh

I don’t really know on this one. I sure hope it has. I’ve done my best, anyhow.

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