Friday 28 October 2016

5 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

We’ve been in Autumn for a while now, but it’s only just starting to feel like my favourite season as September has been unusually hot!

1. Woolly jumpers

I love baggy oversized jumpers so much. I have loads and no one cares if I wear them loads and look like a slob because everyone else does too. I have a particular favourite: a grey knitted jumper, the same as the one I used to nick from my dad. It’s so snuggly and warm- I love it.

2.  Hot Chocolates and Spicy Teas

I’m such a tea fanatic, it’s ridiculous. I love loads of different types of tea and varying my tastes throughout the year: green and more flavoured teas for spring and summer and spicy teas and rooibos for autumn and winter, with my constant companions of Earl Grey and good ol’ breakfast coming with me throughout the year. Now is also the time for hot chocolates! I’m really lucky in the fact that the cafes in my college have great hot chocolate, so I don’t mind paying for one when I get in in the morning.


3. Boots and Fluffy Socks

I’ve been wearing the same pair of boots almost every day since about the middle of September and I am still so in love with them. They make me feel great and I can get away with wearing fluffy socks into college with them so you know that’ll be happening!

4. Fallen Leaves

I know it’s so clich├ęd but I love jumping in a pile of fallen leaves or hearing the crunch of crisp and yellowed leaves under my feet on every pavement I walk. It’s just so satisfying!


5. Halloween Names on Twitter

They just make me really happy okay… It took me a while to think  of one, but I've got with (Jem) I'm-a zombie. It took me so long and eventually one of my friends came up with that. I love it though!

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