Wednesday 22 June 2016

My 2016 Goals: Revisited

Life Goals

Get up when my alarm goes off

Seeing as, on the day of writing, I slept in for 45 minutes, this one's going really well.

Finish my novel

Eh, okay, this one’s not gone too well so far. My exams kind of got in the way and, while I have worked on it a bit (I’ve added a few thousand words), I’ve not been able to give it as much attention as I would like. However, I decided before that exam period started, that I would wait and properly get a lot of it done in the summer, which starts for me next week! Hopefully I can get the first draft finished by the end of the year!

Write everyday

I’ve definitely completed this one so far and I’m really proud of myself for it. Whether it’s been small pieces, poems, blog posts or part of my novel, I’ve managed to write something everyday this year (or edit something I’d already written). My writing muscle feels very exercised at the moment!

Read 20 books

So far this year I’ve read 10 books. Half way through! I’m completely on track for this one and can maybe smash my goal if I read a lot this summer!

Experiment with make-up looks

I think I’ve completed this one. Since buying my Chocolate Bar palette in Nice I’ve tried out a lot of different make-up looks and have tried to improve my technique. Even though I will never be the greatest make-up artist ever, I do think I’ve improved and I think I can improve further in the remaining months of the year.

Have 30 minutes screen-free time before I go to bed

Ha! Nope all round on this one!

Visit 2 museums

When I first made this goal, I forgot that I would be visiting some museums in Nice during my February trip. During that trip I visited the Matisse Museum, the Cocteau Museum, the Monaco Aquarium and the Modern Art Museum. I think that the Modern Art Museum was my favourite - loads of the pieces had great backstories or could be interpreted in various different ways. I loved it. 

I’ll be visiting London a few times in the summer, so I think I’d like to go and explore some more of the museums that are offered there.

Blog Goals

Hit 20,000 views

Nope, still not on that one. I’m currently at around 14, 500 views, so I have 5, 500 views left to go (roughly). But seeing as that’s an average of about 28 views a day, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

Do another collab

This hasn’t happened yet, but I have talked to a few bloggers about doing a collar. Not to mention that I’ll be contributing to a group blog soon - I’ll keep you updated on that!

Improve photography and editing

This is quite a subjective one. I think what I am aiming on this is just a bit of improvement, and I think I’ve achieved that. The summer lighting will definitely help me on this one!

Update and improve the header

I don’t know whether you guys noticed, but I changed my blog header a few weeks ago. I really love my new design and think that it works really well with my pre-existing scheme.

Double my Bloglovin’ followers

At the beginning of the year I had 27 Bloglovin’ followers that had been gained over 7 months. I wasn’t at all expectant. My following on there began to grow way quicker than expected so that, half way through the year, the number of followers my blog has is nearly 7.5 times the original amount. WHAT?! Thank you all for smashing this goal for me - I still can’t believe it.

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