Wednesday 13 January 2016

50 things that make me happy!

1. Earl Grey tea
2. Re-watching old Doctor Who episodes
3. Familiar romcoms
4. The smell of books, old and new
5. Conversations with my cat
6. Oversized, baggy jumpers, preferably “borrowed” from my dad
7. My mum’s chicken risotto
8. Beach days with friends

9. Cinema trips
10. Concerts
11. Rainy days
12. Ferraro Rocher (I mean come on!)
13. The Fletchers
14. Those rare days when I know I don’t have anything to be handed in or revised for.
15. Clean bedclothes
16. The predictability of Death in Paradise
17. Starting a new notebook
18. Sudden moments of inspiration
19. Finally getting that idea onto paper
20. Disney films
21. Jane Austen books

22. Murder Mysteries
23. Singing along to musical soundtracks
24. Strictly Come Dancing
25. Dodie Clark

26. Cheese, biscuits and chutney
27. Perfectly baked cakes
28. Everything Harry Potter
29. Making someone else laugh
30. My family
31. My friends

32. Writing down every thought that comes into my mind
33. Cleverly written books
34. Foyles bookshop
35. Cardiff arcades
36. My characters
37. Getting comments on my blog posts
38. Playing my violin
39. Lipsticks!
40. Cool stationary
41. Crossing the Severn Bridge
42. My great-nan’s red necklace
43. Welsh beaches

44. Welsh cakes!
45. When my cat makes that chirrup sound
46. Impromptu writing sessions
47. Knowing that someone else values me
48. Going to rugby matches
49. Chick-lit novels
50. Instagram


I have always loved seeing this post on other blogs and, even though I'm not sure if it is definitely a tag, I'm doing it anyway. I just love the way it's so positive! If you want to do this tag (is it a tag? Please tell me because I'm really not sure!) then please go ahead and spread some more positivity!

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