Friday 22 January 2016

5 Bad Organisation Habits We Probably All Need to Stop Doing

Last Sunday I decided that I needed to tidy my room - it was a mess. It’s still a mess, but less of a mess than it was a week ago. I sorted some things out so that I was tidier in my mind as well as my room (well, mainly desk), and I can tell you, it feels great! But there are some things that I have come to realise about my organisation habits, and I thought that I would share them with you.

1. I don’t put enough stuff away.

I have so many containers and boxes and things that are meant to hold other things, but most of the time they seem to be half empty! Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but I still find things strewn all over my bedroom when they are supposed to be in a specific containers. It’s frustrating and I need to use the containers so that I don’t have stuff all over the place.

2. You bought those files for a reason, Jemima. Use them!

This is very similar to the lost one. About a year ago I was adamant that I was going to get organised, so bought myself some card files (one for each of my school subjects and one for D of E). It went well in the beginning, but I’ve gradually been leaving more and more sheets of music and homework etc. out on the floor or on my desk - not in the designated folders. And this only got worse when mocks hit. That was one of my goals yesterday, to sort some of those sheets out and put them back in their folders, which I actually managed to accomplish. There are still some bits left out, but I’m getting there; my desk is now clear, so some progress has been made.

3. I have way to many body butters, earrings and chocolate that I could ever need.

Too much chocolate? What?!! I am such a slow eater of chocolate. I seriously am. I was given a fair amount of chocolate for Christmas, and, as much as I love the stuff, I just find that if I don’t eat it straight away, then I just don’t eat it for ages. I see it on the side and I feel bad for not eating it, tell myself I must eat it, and then I forget all about it and do the same thing the next day. Just eat it, girl. It’s there to be eaten. 

I’ve also realised that I’ve accumulated enough body lotion and body polish to last me for about the next 5 years. Thank you to anyone has bought me them for various Christmases and birthdays, they smell amazing! But I’ve realised how often I forget to use them and I’m going to make it my mission this year that I will use body lotion after every shower/bath I have and that I’ll actually start using the body polishes. 

4. Please tidy up your bookshelves, Jemima, please…

Yeah, I just looked at my bookshelf yesterday and went “Oh.” I’ve got so much rubbish on them, it’s ridiculous. I have my entire snow globe collection (which is A LOT of snow globes) and some other ornaments on one shelf, which means that books that would normally go on that shelf are being squished on top of other books and that my snow globes are in imminent danger of falling off and smashing all over my wooden floor. Not good. (I actually found a smashed snow globe not long after I finished writing this post. Funny, huh…)

5. I just collect clutter…

To be I think that’s my biggest problem. I just have rubbish all over the place, and by “rubbish” I mean stuff I don’t use anymore that is perfectly good for someone else to use and then actual rubbish and half dirty clothes that are waiting to be worn again before they are washed. Again this comes down to me actually putting things away and where they should be. 


Do you have similar habits? How have you solved them (if you have solved them!)? I really want to know so that I can help my own organisation improve!

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