Wednesday 29 July 2015

What I want to achieve

I want to do a lot with my life, but at the same time I want to live quietly - away from the hustle and bustle of the world. However, there are a few things that I wish to achieve and while they may seem like a very small list to some, they are plenty enough to keep me busy.

I want to travel and see the world where it’s best; to be a spectator of nature and marvel at the beauty that surrounds us almost every day. I want to learn new languages and learn about different cultures. I want to have set foot on every continent and to have met new people on each of them.

I want to be able to write for a living, as that’s what I enjoy doing most and am best at. I want to publish at least one novel – to be able to hold a physical book that I know I have been responsible for creating. I want my characters to meet the people of the world and to be loved by others in a way similar to the way that I love them now.

I want to make a difference in the world, even if it only means making one person feel a bit better about themselves. I want to be able to say that I perform at least one act of kindness a day and to help anyone who needs me.

I want to learn to play as many instruments as possible and to practise my hobbies as often as I can. I want to read as many books as I can get my hands on; to delve into as many fictional worlds as possible.

But most of all I want to be happy. Happy with what I do in every aspect of life. To have people who make me happy as my friends and to know that in return I make them happy. I want to be living comfortably, but not extravagantly. I want to be safe and content with my life. I want to be able to say, when I am in my dying days, that I have had a good life and that I do not regret any decision that I have made.

We only have a short while on this earth; we might as well make the most of our lives and enjoy it.

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