Friday 31 July 2015

5 things to do in summer!

2 weeks ago, I walked out of school with excitement threatening to swallow me whole. I was free  from my usual workload, school pressure and I could do whatever I wanted with my spare time. I had the 6 week summer holidays ahead of me, and along with them a week abroad with great friends, days at home with family and plenty of activities (both pre-planned and spontaneous) to keep me busy. However, some people aren’t as fortunate as I have been and can end up doing nothing, and consequently finding that boredom has taken over. It is for those people who I’m writing for today, in the hope of brightening up their summer:

1. Go to the beach

A summer clichè, but a gooddun! As I used to live in a county that was surrounded by seaside I have spent many summer days on the sand and in the waves. I adore the beach, whether I am alone or among a large group of friends. It’s a place of tranquility and nature, but also of laughter, games and fun. I can’t think of anything much better than a warm day spent lying around on the beach with friends – having a barbecue and messing about in the sea.

Wherever you live there will be a coastline some distance away; perhaps it will take hours to find, but if you’re prepared for a full day out, it should be worth it.


2. Binge read

Yes, I know, typical coming from me… but still a valid point. Go to your local (and cheapest!) bookshop and commence hauling! Grab as many books as possible, whether they are thin and breaking paperbacks or massive hardbacks. Summer is the perfect time to catch up on your yearly reading goal or just to enjoy reading. With so much time on your hands you can read a book in one sitting and get onto the next one straight away. The best way to spend your time, if you ask me!

3. Have an arty day!

Go to your nearest craft shop – or art shop, stationary shop, etc. – and find a canvas of whatever size suits your fancy. If they have a picture outline already on them and you would prefer to have a base, get that one – it’s completely your choice. Get some small pots of paint then you’re set.

Have a blast.

Flick different colours at the canvas. Paint a picture. Do whatever you want, there’s only two rules: be creative and have fun.

The products of my artsy day yesterday

4. Have a day at your nearest National Trust property

This one is probably exclusive to us Brits (or anyone holidaying here).

All over Britain there are old stately homes and smaller properties that have been taken over, and are now run by, the National Trust. Each is filled with enough events and activity days to keep you going all summer long. There’ll be one near everyone and with each individual place comes their own individual way of doing things.

5. City break

City breaks are fun, especially if you live in a very rural area. Shops everywhere and the obvious tourist attractions, there’s plenty to do wherever you go. 

As far as finances go there are many discounts that can be found on various websites and apps. And if you don’t want to spend a full weekend away? Take a day trip instead!


Wishing you all a lovely summer

Jemima x

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