Monday 4 April 2022

March 2022 | Monthly Wrap Up

A lot has happened in March. It’s seemed non-stop in parts. And now it’s time for more of a rest.

Favourite part?


There’s been so much stuff happening March, my trip to Edinburgh feels like much longer ago than just the beginning of the month. It was such a great trip and while I spent way more money on books than planned, I loved walking around by myself and having an explore, both of the city and Holyrood Park. More solo trips in the future please! 


After my holiday some friends came up to visit me for a long weekend and I was so lush to spend time with them. I totally switched off that weekend and loved being a tourist in my own city for a change. Now that so many of my friends live far away from me, I feel like I value visits like these so much more than I used to.  


I am President of my university’s Feminist Society and for the past few months the rest of exec and I have been working so hard to put on the society’s annual conference – this year known as FemCon! I was so nervous and stressed about it beforehand but it went so well, it was such a relief! The speakers were all incredible and I’m so grateful to have been able to have them all on board. 


Newcastle Students’ Union held a week-long campaign in March called Climate Conscious Careers, and I was a part of these events! The first one was a collaboration with university’s Sustainability Team looking at climate action beyond individualism, with me talking specifically about why being involved in movements is necessary for change. The next day I was on a panel about green jobs with 3 other people who are much more established in their careers than I am, which, I won’t lie, was quite intimidating. I really enjoyed both events, especially as the people attending were so engaged, and they left me feeling very validated in the work that I’m doing. 

I kept talking about green jobs after the Climate campaign at the SU, specifically at the UCU pickets at uni. It was great speaking with staff and students about the issues staff are facing, and to speak to a crowd of people about Newcastle University's hypocrisy on climate issues at the Newcastle Climate Strike. Some pals and I made it onto the BBC North report on the strikes, something that made me chuckle. 

Photo: Screenshot of BBC North Report


At the end of the month I had my delayed graduation. My family came up and it was such a lush couple of days until it came to bit of a crashing end. After getting a snotty nose that evening I did a Covid test and ended up being positive, so I’m currently writing this from my bed having spent the past few days in isolation and not moved much from the position I’m in right now. It’s been a relief that my symptoms have been a lot milder than last time I had Covid, but and the anxiety about who I may have spread it to during my graduation has been huge. 

Best read?


I’ve been back on reading books for my next uni essay, so overall I’ve read slightly less, and that’s okay! 


I started the month reading How to Blow Up a Pipeline by Andreas Malm. It was interesting for sure, and while I found his writing style engaging I’m not sure what my opinions are on what he says. I know one of my friends is reading it soon so I can’t wait for them to because this is a book I feel I need to discuss with someone. 


I picked up a battered secondhand copy of The Doctor’s Wife by Mary Elizabeth Braddon in Armchair Books in Edinburgh. I was very excited to see a Braddon book that wasn’t Lady Audley’s Secret. Reading it was hilarious, mostly because of the fact two of the male characters tell the main female character that (and I paraphrase) ‘she’s not like other girls’ multiple times. It just cracked me up that things haven’t changed in over 150 years. 


I then read The Pyjama Myth Sian Meades-Williams, which I pre-ordered on Unbound I think almost a year ago now. Sian has some brilliant and practical tips and advice in this book. I now have 2 books on freelancing and I feel like they’ve both been necessary to give me a bit of a kick up the bum to sort out the admin side of my writing work. I will certainly be dipping back into The Pyjama Myth here and there in future! 


I’m now halfway through The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte, which is potentially another book I’m going to write on for uni.


Favourite listen?


I’ve mixed it up a little bit this month and have listened to something other than Taylor Swift or Little Mix. I know, wild right? The Regrettes, Orla Gartland and Olivia Rodrigo, along with some dodie nostalgia, have been some faves this month, as well as their artist radios on Spotify. Some abs


Favourite watch?


Bridgerton series 2 of course. I watched it all in the first few days after it was released, and then the second half with my mum. I am obsessed. My TikTok For You page is no dominated by Kanthony and I don’t know how I can change that. I’ve also been rewatching Grey’s Anatomy yet again so that I have a refresh for watching series 17 which is now on Disney+! A new series of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr is back on and I am loving it. 


What did I learn?


I can be good at things and people can actually take me seriously for the things that I’m good at. And all climate panels need a gobby young person, and I am perfectly happy to fit that bill. 


What’s happening next month?


April will be a quieter month hopefully. I need to recover again from Covid and from a ridiculously hectic few weeks. The main focus will be continuing my uni work, seeing friends where possible and if the snow doesn’t continue like it is now, enjoying the sun.


What’s been on my mind?


I don’t feel like I’ve had much chance to think recently, what with everything being so busy. But then when I do get chance to think it gets a bit overwhelming with all of the things happening in the world. I need some more brain space.


Favourite post?

I didn’t post this month so I guess this question is void right now? 


Biggest inspiration?

Seeing some wins actually happen (like Tim Farron finally signing the Green New Deal bill after months of back and forth) and to experience people being genuinely engaged in the work I’m doing. Honestly the week where the sun came out and it was warm made so so happy, and combined with being at the pickets I got so much motivation. I can’t wait for summer.


Any other favourites?

Balsamic vinegar and the Hellman’s chilli vegan mayo have been obsessions of mine recently. Not together mind you. But balsamic vinegar with tomatoes and pasta in some combination oof I love it. I never used to be a mayo person but recently I’ve been having mayo on everything and the Hellman’s chilli vegan one is simply god tier. 

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