Monday 6 July 2020

OOTD // Mamma Mia Inspired Day and Night Look

Like many of you, I love the Mamma Mia films. ABBA are probably my favourite band (tied with Fleetwood Mac) and whilst I love the music, I always enjoy looking at all the different outfits that both the band and the characters wear. For me, the character Donna Sheridan is a bit of a style icon, particularly in the sequel. So much so, that when I first saw the sequel with my family, my mum kept mentioning to me that she could see me wearing practically all of her outfits! So what better way to celebrate both Mamma Mia films now being on Netflix than to share some outfits inspired by Donna Sheridan!


Dungarees – Secondhand fast fashion bought on Depop 2 years ago (my favourite thing about these dungarees is the chest pocket, which I call my 'book pocket'. It's the key to my reading habits and effective travel storage).
 Crop top – Secondhand fast fashion bought on Depop 2 years ago
Sandals – vegan sandals from Blowfish, bought about a year ago. These were the only good quality vegan sandals I could find at the time, and I have since seen that Blowfish seem to be quite environmentally conscious, although I haven't been able to find anything about their worker treatment. 
Earrings – had so long I can’t remember when or where I bought them, wear all the time
Necklace - secondhand from a market in Skibbereen, Ireland, bought 2 years ago.


The wind blew my hair at the right point when
taking this photo and I felt powerful

Jumpsuit – secondhand fast fashion bought on Depop 2 and a half years ago
Earrings – same earrings
Grey boot platforms – fast fashion bought 2 years ago
Necklace - new from Women in Hebron, a small cooperative which aims to empower Palestinian women by selling the items they create, including necklaces like these. I found out about them when one of their members came to Newcastle with other Palestinians to give a talk a few months ago, and sold some of their items. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know I love talking about sustainable fashion and sharing some of my favourite outfits. Here’s to flares, dungarees and flowy tops!

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