Saturday 31 August 2019

August 2019 | Monthly Wrap Up

How has it taken so long for August to finish? It feels like a freakin life time!!
Favourite part?

For some reason, it feels like I’ve done hardly anything this month, however I’ve actually been quite busy. 

Right at the very beginning of August my friend Charlotte and I went up to London to see our friend Lizzi in a preview of the show which she (and her company) brought up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival about a week later. It was great and we were both so proud of her!

Depsite not having seen my friends as much as I would have liked this month, I’ve still seen them a few times, including a great long-awaited coffee catch up and an evening drinks turned spontaneous night out. 

My grandparents also came to visit us for a few days, which was absolutely lovely. We had a great day out in Winchester, looking around the cathedral and going to see the house where Jane Austen died (love a bit of Jane Austen tourism, my no.1 gal).

The next Saturday I spent the day in Cardiff with my family, as my brother and his girlfriend were going to see the Wales v England game, and the reat of us decided to tag along to have a day out. It’s been ages since I’ve been in Wales, so it was really nice to go back to some of my favourite places, more specifically a secondhand bookship and comic store in Castle Arcade which I visit every time I’ve been in Cardiff for years. It’s a tradition now, what can I say.

On the Bank Holiday weekend, my family and I went up to London to watch a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe Theatre for my dad’s birthday. It was honestly one of the best things I have ever seen on stage. I was laughing the entire time. It as outrageous, raucous and clever, and the atmosphere was so unique and genuinely electrifying. If I lived in London, I’d be there all the time with £5 standing tickets. 

I’ve done a lot of experimenting with food this month, which is something I absolutely love. One of my favourite things about being vegan is that it forces you to be more creative and experimental with food. Several times at work I’ve seen some of the cakes or traybakes which we’ve been selling, really wanted to eat one but been unable to because of the animal products they contain, then made them at home whenever I next had some free time and the right ingredients. For example, I’ve made some cracking scones and some millionaire shortbread. I’m very proud of how well both turned out and I’ve got some more ideas on how to improve them in the future.

This is the tofu bowl I had for my lunch when we visited the Tate. It was miso-ginger and (I think!) deep-fried, and it was deeeee-lish!
I’ve also tried a new slow cook baked bean recipe and I can’t wait to make a vat of the stuff at uni. It was so sweet and tasty, I could genuinely eat bowls of the stuff. I’ve also experimented more with tofu marinates and methods of cooking it, as well as a lentil-sundried tomato mix which turned out to be really delicious.

Best read?

I first read Daughter by Maya Angelou – an emotional and heartwarming read by an incredible woman. I just love her.

The next book I read was Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal, and it is definitely in the running to be my favourite book of the year. One thing I’m doing this year as part of my role as he social media manager for my university’s Feminist Society, I am running a monthly book club, and I chose this book to be our first read. You can read my full book club review of it here. 

Next, I read Be the Change by Gina Martin, a toolkit for all activists. I genuinely couldn’t put this down, I was reading it whenever possible, something I don't tend to get from non-fiction books. It was fascinating and so useful and relevant to my life and wat I'm doing at the moment. Anyone who wants to make a difference, organise a campaign or want to do live more ethically then this book will definitely help!

I then read This Is Not a Drill by Extinction Rebellion, a collection of essays written by members of Extinction Rebellion, climate scientists and activists as well as a couple of MPs. The facts are so real in this book; it really leaves you nowhere to hide. This was a devastating read, particularly as it coincided with the beginning of the burning of the Amazon Rainforest. Please read and please act. 

I am now currently reading Insufficiently Welsh by Griff Rhys Jones and Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls. The first book I am reading in pieces, as he discusses one part of Wales at a time. It’s heartwarming for me, I always feel a bit of comfort when reading about my home country

Favourite tunes?

I mostly listened to The Beatles this month until the release of Taylor Swift’s most recent album, Lover. Since then I’ve just been listening to T-Swift on repeat. 


Favourite watch?

This month I’ve been rewatching Grey’s Anatomy (this time with my family) and Agent Carter (oh Peggy, I miss you), as well as Grace and Frankie. I also watched all of Good Omens with my dad and honest to go it was so good. I absolutely loved it and will be watching it again and definitely reading the book as soon as I am able. 

I am also currently watching Mindhunters on Netflix. The haracters are so interesting, it’s so tense and fascinating. For anyone who finds serial killers interesting, you will love this.

What did I learn?

That although I can try my hardest in whatever way to help improve the world, sometimes the big things happen and you feel like any difference you may have made has been for nothing.

What’s happening next month?

BACK TO UNI!!!!!! Genuinely though, I am so excited to get back to uni. I need a bit more structure and purpose in my life. Get me back to Newcastle. 

What’s been on my mind?

Honestly? Newcastle. Missing my friends (both from uni and from where I live as schedules conflict a lot). Also stress from the bloody state of the world. Eco-anxiety is real folks. As well as fascism/dictatorship anxiety. Woop, thank you Boris Johnson, you dickhead. 

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

Melanie Merphy, Hannah Witton, Madeleine Olivia, Venetia Falconer… I can’t think of anyone I haven’t mentioned previously.

Favourite post?

Why Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a Modern Feminist Cult Classic. I loved writing about one of my absolute favourite shows and just wish I could’ve got more in. It’s not a perfect post and I didn’t include some points I wish I did but otherwise it would’ve been extremely long. I’m really proud of it anyway, and I hope you guys like it!

Biggest inspiration?

A little girl making the decision to go veggie when I was serving her at work. It was great and I was (and still am) so proud of her for not eating the ‘meat jelly’. The world seems pretty dim at the moment and it’s taking a lot for me to stay above ground sometimes. I’m trying to hold onto any little piece of hope possible. 

Any other favourites?

Almonds. Particularly almond butter stuffed in dates. Man those are good. Honest to god I’m obsessed, and I freaking love making almond butter. Next, I’m going to try making some of my own chocolate spread.

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