Monday 24 June 2019

My 2019 Goals: Revisited

Seeing as it’s roughly half way through the year, I thought it was about time I did a little reflection on the goals I set myself for the year.
Read 70 books

At the time of writing, I have read 30 books. That’s not including a couple of books which I have mostly read and are going to come back to at some point soon. It also means that I’m 2 behind where I should be at right now (thanks GoodReads for telling me that). However, I know that that is down to exam season and not being able to finish the books previously mentioned. I’m still relatively confident that I’ll read 70.

Publish a What I Read in 2018 blog post at the end of the year

This one’s still very much a work in progress. I’ve written a few entries, but need to make sure I ensure my ongoing document is up to date, as it very much isn’t at the moment. That’s definitely a job for the summer holidays…

Stop touching my face

I’m trying. I still do occasionally, but I genuinely think I’m gradually getting better at leaving my skin alone. I’m more aware of what triggers its reactions and its general patterns of behaviour (I say general, because they’re random af but still have some commonalities). I do find that I tend to touch my face more when it’s already having a bad bout or if I’m stressed, anxious, etc., but I think as long as I’m aware of it, I can help stop myself. 

Make sure to do at least 10 minutes of yoga every day

This one has gone quite well. I’ve been doing a lot more yoga lately, and I love it. There have been days when I haven’t done any (holidays, times when I’m at home from uni, when I’ve been ill, etc.), but whenever I’ve missed a day or two, I’ve tried to make up for that with longer sessions elsewhere.

Pass my first year of uni with at least a 2:1

First year finished for me at the end of May, and I’ve passed! I don’t know all my exact grades yet, but I think I may have managed a 2:1. This year doesn’t count towards my final degree grade, but I’ll still be bloody pleased with myself anyway.

Reduce my plastic use as much as possible

I think I’ve managed this pretty well so far. I am now much more aware of waste in whatever form it may come in plastic or otherwise, and make an effort in everything I consume to keep that waste to a minimum. Being low-waste is particularly hard on holiday, but is becoming much easier for me to figure out during my daily life. 

Perfect a vegan cake

So I haven’t made a single cake at all this year. I have made a couple of batches of vegan sausage rolls with my friend Jude, made several batches of Jack Monroe’s Marmite bread and made some Welsh cakes, however, no actual proper spongey cake has been attempted. I freakin love the stuff I’ve made otherwise, but they’re not cake. Give me some time and I’ll try and find some more recipes. I particularly want to find a perfect chocolate, but let’s be real, it’s going to take some time and baking for that to happen I think. Another job for the summer!

Diversify my reading

This has been a little harder than I’d thought it might be, simply because I have to dedicate significant amount of time to my uni reading, which has been quite white and male for a fair bit. However, I’ve still tried, and summer is going to be my time to rectify that. Out of the 30 books I’ve read so far (not including the ones I’ve partly read), 12 have been by women, one has been translated and only 2 have been by BAME people. I’m definitely going to focus on trying to read more books by BAME and LGBT people, as looking out how white (I can’t know for sure how straight) my reading so far has been this year makes me feel very uncomfortable. 

How are your goals going so far this year?

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