Wednesday 13 March 2019

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In the past year and a half, I've been trying my best to educate myself and change my behaviour and relationship towards fashion. Largely my consumption of it, but also its practicality and as a means of self-expression. The world of sustainable fashion is extensive, and whilst it may not always be as accessible as we would all like it to be, there are still ways we can all improve, even if small. This outside includes some of my favourite pieces of clothing as a whole, not just those items of my wardrobe which are more sustainable. 


Jumper: second hand fast fashion bought from a charity shop (about £3 I think)

Trousers: Beyond Retro (Brighton Store), restitched a couple of times to make it (£18 with student discount)

Shoes: from my flat mate’s cousin who didn’t want them anymore

Necklace: given to me by a friend who didn’t use it anymore

Earrings: not technically second hand, but I’ve had them for so long I can’t remember where I actually got them. I think it may have been on holiday somewhere, but I’m not entirely sure. They’re my favourite!

Rucksack: again, not really second hand. I was given this as a Christmas present by my parents a year and a bit ago, and I love it! It’s by Baggu and is made out of recycled cotton, mostly from pre-consumer scraps which would have been thrown out straight away otherwise. One side of the drawstring has become a bit frayed, so I need to get a shoelace or something to replace that. (I’m not sure on price, as they’ve stopped selling this exact bag and I can’t remember when I first saw the bag, but they’re selling one similar for about £40 now.)

Also, a huge thank you to my friend Jude, who went out in the cold rain to take these pictures of me. You're a babe. 

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