Thursday 3 January 2019

November/December | Monthly Wrap Up

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, they’ve interrupted my Wrap Up schedule, so you get two in one this month! (Oh, and happy 2019!

Favourite part?

Oh my life, I feel like I’ve forgotten half of what I’ve done in the past couple of months. I’ve had plenty of nights out with my friends, including an ABBA night. 

After my mid-module assessments, I went home for a few days. I didn’t realise until I was back, but it was so needed. And then there was Christmas! I have to say I’ve had a very chill festive period this year – seeing lots of family and friends and spending time with my cat. 

I feel like I’ve done a lot but not that much at the same time? I don’t know, this section just seems quite empty for 2 months, but hey, that’s life. 

Best read?

I suppose that now I’ve been doing an English Literature degree for three months, my reading should be going up, and I’ve definitely been thinking more about what I’m reading and how I go about it.

In November, I read Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners, Steve Waters’ The Secret Life of Plays and A Taste of Honey by Shelagh Delaney as part of one of my English modules. I much preferred the book we studied in December, Kurt Vonnegut’s Salughterhouse-5.  

Alongside these, I also read No. More. Plastic. by Martin Dorey, Refuge by Alexander Betts and Paul Collier, and Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep by Michael Schulman. You can read my review of Dorey’s book here. I received several books for Christmas, and have read a couple over the festive period too. So far, I’ve read An Exclusive Love by Johanna Adorjan, which I thought was incredible. I’m also currently reading Their Finest Hour by Lissa Evans, the book which is the basis for one of my favourite films, Their Finest. I’m also reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick as part of my study of Blade Runner.

Favourite tunes?

I’ve had a mix this past couple if months – my loves ABBA and Stevie Nicks of course, along with Patti Smith, The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, more film soundtracks, Billy Joel and Simon & Garfunkel. Oh, and Christmas songs of course.

Favourite watch?

I’ve finally finished Grey’s Anatomy. I won’t lie I felt a little empty when I realized I got to the end of what was available on Amazon Prime (anyone know where to find series 15?). All the crappy Christmas romcoms available on Netflix (obviously). 

I watched Casablanca for the first time in the middle of December and loved it. It’s referenced in several of my favourite films (When Harry Met Sally, La La Land, etc.) and so it felt like something I had to see, as a sort of preface to those films.

What did I learn?

Megabusses have surprisingly good wifi. Yes, Love Actually can be watched twice in one day and still be just as good. Oh boy have I missed lasagne, and it’s okay to not be productive sometimes.

What’s happening next month?

2019! Here we go again. I’ve got an essay due on the 10th and an exam a week later, so most of January is going to be research, writing and revision. Then I’m going home again for another 10 days before the beginning of Semester 2 starts. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit some friends and catch up on a bit of blog writing and reading, it should be good to have a few days with absolutely no work due. 

What’s been on my mind?

Deadlines and reading. God that sounds boring doesn’t it. Tied into that I’ve had lots of other topics in my mind – feminism, the refugee crisis, among others that I’ve managed to link into my uni work or even make a whole project out of!

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

Sustainably Vegan, Rachel Ama, Leena Norms and all my usual faves. I loved Hannah Witton’s Vlognukah as I have done before, but thought that this year her videos were quite different and refreshing.

I also enjoyed Venetia Falconer’s Alternative Vlogmas series and have binge watched lots of her videos recently. 

Favourite post?

It has to be my Ethical Christmas Gift Guide. I spent a lot of time working on it and I’m proud of how it turned out. Go check it out if you need a present for anyone (probably a tad late promoting it now, but never mind!). 

Biggest inspiration?

Honestly? Deadlines.

Any other favourites?

All the blankets I was given for Christmas in addition to the ones I already had. For some reason I think people think that I’m cold. Also mulled wine. My winter aesthetic is wine-stained lips. 

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