Wednesday 31 October 2018

October 2018 | Monthly Wrap Up

October, you have felt like forever. And I think in a good way. 

Favourite part?

On the first day of the month I officially started my uni course. Lectures, seminars and all that jazz started in full swing. I’ve had several socials – including a film night with free pizza and a crashed football night out – which I have loved and had a great time at. I can’t wait for the rest to come. 

It was my birthday this month!! I officially have less than a year of being a teenager left. AAAHHHH!! Existential crisis aside, I had such a good birthday. I went to Yo! Sushi for lunch with my friend Aleisha – sushi is perhaps my favourite food so any time I can get sushi I am a happy gal. Then, in the evening I went out with my flatmates and some other people I have met on my course and from my accommodation. One of my flatmates made me an amazing vegan chocolate orange cake – it made my heart warm and fuzzy.

This month I’ve been getting into my university routine – getting to use the library, favourite places to eat and drink, you get the gist. It’s been lovely simply hanging out with new friends, carving pumpkins (you can definitely tell which was done by me and which was done by the Fine Art student of the flat) and getting food at The Stack.

Best read?

I’ve read quite a lot this month, which you would probably expect from my being an English student.

First, I read How to Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum, Head of Oceans at Greenpeace. I thought it was interesting, but aimed more at people who didn’t know quite so much about the plastic crisis and lowering waste as I do. Many of the statistics were new to me, but many of the methods he suggested I have already implemented or are trying to implement into my routine. 

Next, I read Jane Eyre for my course. I tried to read it a couple of years ago but stopped after I got bored about a third of the way through. Luckily, I enjoyed it much more this time and it was the subject of my first essay. As a part of my studies, I also read Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. I loved the different perspective, which seemed much more realistic and developed background for ‘Bertha’ Mason. I think it would work well as a stand-alone novel, so even if you haven’t read Jane Eyre I would recommend. 

I then read Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, which I’m currently in the middle of studying, and which I attended an author event on Monday (I can’t tell you about it as I’m writing this the night beforehand). It was thought-provoking and I loved the concept of the doors – they added an element of subtle magical realism I wasn’t expecting but which was pleasantly surprised by. Also, the last chapter gave me tears in my eyes. 

I also read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. If you’ve seen my Twitter or a few previous blog posts, you’ll know that I love the Netflix film adaptation, so I was really excited to read this. As I thought I would, I loved it and can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!

Favourite tunes?

This month has been quite musical-oriented. Since watching Dirty Dancing, I have played the soundtrack almost constantly. Following that comes the Singin’ in the Rain soundtrack. The people I walk past on the way to uni must think I’m very weird doing my little dance to Good Morning. 

Favourite watch?

For the last week in October, I have been almost soully watching Grey’s Anatomy. So what, I may be slightly obsessed… It’s utterly ridiculous but it’s wonderful and at the same time almost realistic in a way. More on the human element than the over the top events all happening at the same hospital to the same small group of surgeons. 

I also may have some new favourite films: Belle, seen on a Feminist Society film night, and Dirty Dancing, watched intermittently through bad wifi with one of my flatmates, a few glasses of red wine and overdone chocolate mug cake. I need to rewatch both desperately, and I feel like I could write a whole essay on how Dirty Dancing is a feminist epic. I can’t wait to watch them all over again. 

(Also, Jodie Whittaker is an incredible Doctor, anyone who (get it, Who) disagrees can leave.)

What did I learn?

I suppose you could say quite a lot, with the whole starting uni thing and all that. But also so much else. Like actual adulting stuff. The world of the adult. Even though I’m only really playing at being an adult – a pseudo-adult if you will. I’ve been learning budgeting, managing my own food effectively, general life. 

What’s happening next month?

More of what has happened this month. General uni life. More deadlines, more reading. I’m sure there’ll be other things but right now I’m not quite sure what they are.

What’s been on my mind?

I’m not sure really. Trying to get a long by myself. My family and friends. My cat.

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

I’ve been watching a few of the Cheap Lazy Vegan’s videos, along with several other recipe videos. You’ve got to love a recipe video. 

Favourite post?

My Me at 19 blog post, for sure. I love this series. It’s always interesting to look back on myself – how I’ve changed, developed as a person, but also the constants in my life (and let’s be honest here, when I talk about constants, I mean my love for ABBA. 

Biggest inspiration?

Oh god, I don’t know. New things. New things everywhere. Places, people, food, books, facts.

Any other favourites?

Mug cakes have come back into my life. I think it’s an autumnal/winter/colder weather thing. I had to make a few adjustments due to slightly different ingredients and the flat microwave. 

Over the past month I have been able to get to know Newcastle, finding little places, shops, exploring the city. Grainger Market has become a particular favourite of mine – it’s a great place to get bulk food items (like cocoa powder for mug cakes…) and all of the vegetables. I love the vegetables. 

A few days ago, I bought myself a cyclamen at a sale outside my university’s Student Union. Everyone, meet Enid, Enid, meet everyone. 

One birthday present I have been using almost constantly since I received it is my crochet blanket in the colours of the Suffragettes. It’s so warm and snuggly and when I wear it I look like a Suffragette on her day off. 

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