Wednesday 26 September 2018

Paris | A Poem

Hello everyone! It ay have escaped your notice, but I haven't posted any of my creative writing on here in quite a while. The reason for that would be that A Levels kind of squeezed out my creativity and I have hardly written anything creative in the past year except for one or two pieces more recently. Here's one of them, I hope you enjoy.
Paris is the dream I thought would fade as soon as I stepped onto it cobbled stones,
I thought it would burn and crumble at my feet,
So I’d be standing on the ruins of a fantasied idealized civilization
Far from the reach of the little people like me.

But the fire that burns there has only grown stronger,
Not destructive but holy,
Giving life to the ideas which had already taken
Root in my mind,
Letting them grow and twist despite knowing that death becomes all
No matter what.

Paris has become a new dream;
A lullaby, 
Dozing off to the cool tones of the double bass as it jives and sings and dances
Around the hidden world under the streets,
Chilling to the touch but which
Warms the soul.

1am and the lights of the city float around
my head,
beating around like faeries until one
swoops down,
drifting into my palms, fingers
close around it.

A light pushed inside me, digging away until it becomes a part of my 

I feel at home here -
Despite the denim shorts which blurt out my foreign status to anyone who sees me.
I may be a visitor, but I feel as home here. 

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