Wednesday 20 June 2018

20 Before 20 | Revisited

A while ago, I did a blog post entitled ’20 Things Before 20’ which encompassed some things I wanted to have achieved (what for it) by the time I’m twenty. I think it’s been roughly half the time between that post’s first publication and the deadline *duh duh DUHHH*, so I thought it was about time I reviewed those goals. Goals, aims and priorities change over time and I think it's interesting and healthy to look back and see what has changed for us as we grow.

1. Finish writing my novel (I've nearly finished the first draft now, so this won’t take long).

I have done this! I finished the first draft of my novel in November 2016. Yes, I have officially written a novel people! I haven’t looked at it since though as I found with my studies and other commitments that it had to be put to the back seat. I would still love to revise this, so hopefully eventually it will be fully finessed. 

2. Get a literary agent.

I may have finished a novel, but along with the fact that A Levels brought an end to my time editing, they also stopped me from doing anything else related to my writing. I think this one is probably going to have to wait a bit, as I now have other goals which take precedence for me. 

3. Visit Chatsworth House.

I would still love to do this as my love for Jane Austen will never die. I may be more likely to go once I’m at uni because I will be a lot closer than I am now. Let’s go! 

4. Explore Paris.

I’m going to Paris ay the end of July for a few days with my friend Lizzi. I can’t wait. We’ve got a few things planned and I’m honestly just so excited to be in this city. Look out for that blog post. 

5. Visit the Houses of Parliament.

I have visited Parliament twice now – once as part of my work experience with Fairtrade and then again a few weeks later on a trip with my college. I love this building – it’s incredible despite the fact that it’s falling part somewhat. At some point I would like to have a proper tour and let the full history/politics nerd in me loose. 

6. Visit Amsterdam.

Not in my plans yet but you never know. 

7. Achieve my target A Level grades.

My exams are now officially complete (as of mid-June), so now it’s just a waiting game until results day. I think I’m feeling quietly confident. I need ABB so keep your fingers crossed for me!

8. Visit at least 3 historical palaces/houses. E.g. finish going around Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, etc.

None of these have happened yet, but I still have some time (although I may only do one or two).

9. Pass my driving test.

Lots of people have been nagging me to get on with this one but for some reason I just don’t want to do it. I don’t know why, I just don’t feel the need to drive. 

10. Go back to Nice.

I haven’t yet, but this one that I would still love to do! I’ve seen some cheap flights there from where I want to go to uni, so hopefully that’ll be a good way for me to visit. 

11. See a Shakespeare play performed at the Globe.

Sadly, no. That’s something I might try to do this summer though…

12. Go to Hay-on-Wye

This festival is the epitome of what I love (books and people talking about books) and somehow I still haven’t gone! It’s always been at the wrong time of year aka exam season. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to go next year, as I’ll probably have finished my first year of uni by then (that sounds weird to say) or at least have more flexibility.

13. Go to a Disneyland.

Ugh I want to go so badly. My brother and I have hinted not so subtly that we’d love to go on a family holiday to Disneyland Paris, but if that doesn’t happen then we can try and get something sorted. 

14. Visit Stockholm.

Again, this hasn’t happened. When it comes to travel, there are obviously some financial constraints so a short trip to this city is probably what’s most likely going to happen. ABBA museum anyone????

15. Go to a festival.

I went to Common People in Southampton last year, and as much as I enjoyed it an being with my friends, I don’t think that on the whole they’re for me. 

16. See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on stage.

As much as I would still like to see this play, it’s not really a priority for me. If I manage to get tickets, great, but I won’t be too bothered otherwise, due to my opinion of the quality of the script. You can see that review here.

17. See McFly live.

I have no idea when this is going to happen as they haven’t been on tour since their 2016 Anthology tour. Whenever they do go on tour again, you can be sure that I’ll be doing all I can do be there, but somehow I doubt that’ll happen before I’m 20.

18. Go to a blogger event.

I have had one or two opportunities lately, but the timings have been wrong (specifically one that was on my one day off in between 2 A Level exams in London – WHY UNIVERSE). But, hopefully I’ll be able to do something in the next year or so. 

19. Visit Kew Gardens and find my great great aunt's memorial bench.

This is another one I haven’t done, but it’s something that could easily be done of a day or a weekend in London. 

20. Buy my own car.

Ha! Seeing as I haven’t even started driving yet, then I doubt that I’m going to buy a car soon. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s kind of unlikely that I’m going to own a car, and I may only do so if I find driving crucial to my life, which I don’t see it being as I hope to live in London or other cities. It’s not a priority or anything that I would even consider for a long time now. 

Here’s to the next year and a bit!

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