Friday 6 April 2018

March 2018 | Monthly Wrap Up

We’re a quarter into a year. Ha ha. Ha…

Favourite part?

I’ve seen a lot of my friends this month, which has been an utter blessing. I just want to say thank you guys for getting me through everything, you’re all incredible people.

At the beginning of the month I helped one of my friends move house. I like to think that I was really useful, but in all honesty, my biggest contribution was probably bringing along some of my homemade vegan welshcakes.

I also handed in my EPQ at last! It’s so amazing not to have to worry about it anymore!

This last week has been in quite busy. First of all, I saw a production of A Streetcar Named Desire at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton. I really enjoyed their interpretations and I would really recommend it.
On Saturday, my friend Amy and I visited Brighton. It was my first time there and we had a great time sifting through second-hand book and clothes stores and eating great vegan food (Happy Maki is a must for any vegans going to/in Brighton). In the evening, we saw dodie in concert and she was incredible, I would love to see her again! If you want to have a better look at my weekend, please go watch the video Amy made (click here), it’s very cute and makes me very happy.

Best read?

This month I finished reading Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger. I thought it was quite pretentious and all of the characters super unrealistic and annoying. I then read The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams and The Lives of Women by Christine Hywer Dickey, the latter of which I would definitely recommend, especially in the run up to the referendum in Ireland on legalizing abortion.

I also read the Introducing Graphic Guides for both Feminism and Marxism, as a means of backing up my A Level studies. Speaking of which, I would highly recommend anyone studying the Russian Revolution and Stalinism read Animal Farm by George Orwell. I read it for the first time this month, and although I was aware of Orwell’s critiques of Communism in this book, I didn’t realise quite how specifically paralleled some of the events were. It was some good unexpected revision.

Along with those, I also read Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – a cheerful, upbeat romcom that almost definitely doesn’t pass the Bechdel test!

I started reading quite a few books, but now the main one is The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolff.

Favourite tunes?

My love for Stevie Nicks is never failing, but this month I’ve had a slight obsession with the Sound of Music. I’ve found that I Have Confidence is a great song to listen to first thing on a Monday morning.

What did I learn?

I can actually use flashcards.

What’s happening next month?

April… (I know we’re now about a quarter of the way through but let’s just pretend otherwise.) Well, revision, revision, revision… And I’m going to a live recording of The Guilty Feminist – my favourite podcast in case you didn’t know! I honestly can’t wait!  

What’s been on my mind?

Exams, man. I’m fucking stressed.

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

My mind has gone blank. It’s sad, but things that are mostly related to my subjects.

Favourite post?

My International Women’s Day post. It was a bit late, but I still like it a lot. It didn’t receive the reception I would have liked, but nevertheless, I am still proud of it.

Biggest inspiration?

Honestly? The most recent episode of the Guilty Feminist. Deborah Frances-White talked with volunteers helping refugees in Calais, and it’s really urged me to try to do more.

Any other favourites?

Tofu. I’ve eaten a lot of tofu in the past month and I am in no way complaining. Marinating is the trick if you’re cooking it in chunks, I’ve discovered. I have one particular slow cooker recipe which works so well. I also want to quickly mention my new trousers. I only had them for one day in March but I am in love!!

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