Friday 5 January 2018

December 2017 | Monthly Wrap Up

Okay, this is a bit late, but better late than never!

Favourite part?

I’ve had some lovely times with friends, celebrating both birthdays and Christmas - PSA: Toby Carvery do a great veggie/vegan roast, it's the absolute best. 

Best read?

I don’t think I’ve actually finished a book this month, but I have made it most of the way through Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin and the Russian Revolution by Alan Moorehead, so I should finish those in January.

Favourite tunes?

I’ve listened to a lot more this month. I’ve been lisening to a lot of dodie, especially as I have tickets to one of her concerts in March! Melodrama by Lorde has been a favourite, along with Place We Were Made and Birthday by Maisie Peters.

Favourite watch?

I’ve watched a lot more this month (due to the fact that I now have access to my friend’s Netflix account).  I’ve rewatched the first 3 series of Death in Paradise and I am so hyped for the new series to be released in January (it will have already been released by the time this goes up).

Armchair Detectives and Upstart Crow have to be the stand out watches for December though. It’s a daytime TV amateur sleuth show which my family and I bingewatched in the evenings and I would really recommend it as something to watch if you need cheering up.

What did I learn?


What’s happening next month?

January’s generally a bit of a boring month in all honest. I’ve got mocks, coursework hand-ins, etc. I’ve just got to plough through it.

What’s been on my mind?

Coursework and EPQ – just needing to get them done! Also my neglect of this here blog, but I need to be reminded that keeping up to date with posts is less important than passing my exams.

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

I’ve loved Hannah Witton’s Vlognukkah, just as I did last year and I’ve loved Leena Norms’ videos just as normal – her videos have been amazing this year.

Favourite post?

Well. Um, let’s not talk about the amount of posts I’ve written lately. I think my favourite would be Why You Should Use a Menstrual Cup – it was fun writing about one of my favourite new possessions. It’s made my life a lot easier and it’s something I would love to promote to become the mainstream.

Biggest inspiration?

Getting to the end of my A levels to the summer and freedom. The end is in sight and I can’t wait to cross the finish line.

Any other favourites?

I’ve got some new eyeshadow combinations that I’ve been loving and I’m sure there’s something I else I can mention but in all honesty I’ve forgotten.

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