Monday 30 October 2017

October 2017 | Monthly Wrap Up

October, my love for you will never end!

Favourite part?

I’ve had such a lovely time this month, for so many reasons. Probably the biggest reason why October 2017 stands out, is my 18th birthday. Yes, I am officially now an adult. It was so weird to buy alcohol. Like what? Surely they should tell me no. I had a week of celebrations – a meal with my family and some family friends, then some drinks with friends and a meal with a different set of friends – all of which was lovely.

Before my birthday, my dad and I visited the University of Reading, which I was pleasantly surprised by and loved the Politics department! Then, at the beginning of half term, we spent 2 days in Glasgow to look at the University there. It was a great trip and we found some great places to eat – including Where the Monkey Sleeps cafĂ© and The 13th Note, a fab (and cheap) veggie restaurant I would recommend to anyone.

During half term itself, I went to London, where I did work experience with the Fairtrade Foundation for the week. I had such an amazing time and feel like I really accomplished something. I’ve only been back for 3 days and I miss London so much already. Take me back there!

Best read?

I read Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin this month after SuperSamStuff recommended it in a video. I enjoyed it so much and thought it was really well written. I have also read more of GB84 and need to get on with finishing it for my EPQ! For my birthday, some of my friends got me the full Song of Ice and Fire book series, so I’ve started reading A Clash of Kings, but I doubt I’ll finish it quickly because it is bloody long.

Favourite tunes?

ABBA, of course. For my birthday, my brother got me Benny’s piano album, which is so relaxing and great to work along to.

Favourite watch?

Bake Off! Though it’s over this week and I still miss Mary Berry. I’ve also started watching Hunted (the celebrity version at the moment for Stand Up for Cancer), which is actually really funny. This time of year is defined by Strictly in my life. I have various documentaries to watch and also Gunpowder (which I have recorded) so I’ll catch up on those by next month’s wrap up.

What did I learn?

Honestly, so much. People aren’t going to stop you from buying alcohol if you have ID on you (you really are allowed to buy it!). London isn’t that scary. Working on something you care about makes the sense of accomplishment even bigger. So many acronyms and technical phrases.

What’s happening next month?

It’s a few of my friends’ birthdays, so we’ll be celebrating those. Otherwise, it’s a pretty quiet month I think.

What’s been on my mind?

University and the future – most particularly my personal statement and the application itself.

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

I watched loads of Lex Croucher’s videos and also Zannah’s (her new hair looks great in my opinion!).

Favourite post?

Me at 18 – definitely. I love this blogging tradition that I’ve made and it’s great to look back each year at who I have become.

Biggest inspiration?

Being around people doing useful things to help others.

Any other favourites? 

I have some more podcasts to add to my list of favourites: Strictly Come Dancing podcast and Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd. Strictly is self-explanatory, I think, but I would recommend Reasons to be Cheerful to anyone because of the accessible way they talk about politics and political ideas. I do wish there was a similar one made from a right-wing perspective just so I could get an idea about ideas not like my own, and get out of my echo chamber.

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