Friday 23 September 2016

5 Reasons to Love Reading

I love reading. I always have done - it’s been one of my favourite things to do since I can remember. So, I don’t quite understand it when people say that they don’t like reading. It completely baffles me! To answer those people, I’ve found 5 great reasons why reading is one of the best things to do!

1. Reading can help you relax and go to sleep

Lots of people use reading as a form escapism and I definitely agree that it’s a great way to turn off, chill out and forget the world. There is nothing quite like sitting back with a good book and zoning out from everything else that’s going on. Perfect. Definitely, something that helps me if I’m having trouble going to sleep as well. There's been some research on the power of reading in aiding sleep. 

2. It can improve your knowledge and vocabulary

I’ve learned so much from the books I’ve read - and it’s not all from non-fiction. My love for interesting words is harboured in my bookshelf, among the many researched words that lurk between the pages.


3. Reading makes you more empathetic

By reading other people’s stories and getting into characters’ minds, we improve our understanding of others and can relate to others we meet in real life more easily. Empathy is honestly so important and I think that any way to increase the amount of empathy in the world is one that should be used.

4. Reading broadens your imagination

I find my imagination roaming in almost every spare moment and occasion - why shouldn’t my far off thoughts be a bit wilder?


5. It’s so much fun!

Who doesn’t love a good story to get stuck into?! You can be 100% guaranteed that there’ll be a book out there that you love - there’s such a huge amount to choose from! The possibilities are truly endless as new books are being written and published every single day.

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