Friday 12 August 2016

5 Things on my Bucket List

I know I always love seeing what other people want to do with their lives. Something about that’s so interesting, particularly seeing as I’m ridiculously nosy, and I thought you guys are probably just as nosy as I am!

1. See the Northern Lights

Whenever I’ve seen pictures or videos of the Northern Lights, they’ve always looked breathtaking. They actually look incredible and I believe it would be an amazing experience.


2. Visit Paris

I’ve always had this romantic vision of Paris in my mind, so I know I’ll probably end up being disappointed but never mind! It’s always seemed like such a great place and I would love to properly explore it someday.


3. Go on a Road Trip

I love the idea of buying some really crappy old campervan, redecorating it to make it my own, then setting off with some friends to who knows where. It sounds like the perfect adventure to me!


4. Visit Chatsworth House

The house that has been used for Pemberley Estate in all kinds of adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. The house Jane Austen probably visited and is probably the actual inspiration for Pemberley. I’ve just got to go there and have a snoop around, I do love a good historic house anyway!


5. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Whenever I’ve seen a hot air balloon somewhere I’ve imagined what it must look like from up in the air - like the view from an aeroplane but with the wind in your hair.


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