Monday 25 April 2016

The Web of Lives

I constantly feel the buzz of lives around me. Bristles of thoughts brush me as I slip past fiery clusters of bottled up opinions. I smell the almost tangible stench of arguments brewing and the honeysuckle sickly sweet aroma of love blossoming in the depths of a touched heart.

Feelings are poured across the floor, a ‘caution: slippery’ sign standing in an island among them. Everyone else skirts around it wearily, treading on padded feet, careful not to cause any disruption.

A I walk through a crowded street, hundreds of lives flash before my eyes. First memories, family, friends, brothers, sisters, jobs, lovers, food, drinks, laugh, tears, life. Every single one as vividly complex as my own.

We live in a web of tangled, messed up lives. We are sewn into each other with an iron strong thread which will never break, no matter how hard you tug on heartstrings or yank on bandages.

Once you’ve entered a person’s life, you cannot leave it - even if you have not seen that person’s face for fifty years or not made contact with them in even longer. Once a tie has been formed it cannot be broken. It may be faded and have become a bit dusty over time, but it will still be there, even if it’s been pushed to the back of the filing cabinet by brand new, seemingly more interesting, bonds.

That person will always share a connection with you. And these will be at different levels. 

The person you thought was really attractive on the train; the author of your favourite book; brothers; sisters; fathers; mothers; a stranger sat next to you on the bus; forgotten childhood friends; a waiter who served you once on holiday. You share a bond with everyone you have meet, seen or has influenced you in anyway. 

That’s incredible.

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