Monday 1 February 2016

Dear My 26 Year Old Self

Hey! How are you?

This is me right now:

And this is how I do my make-up:

(lol loving that improved lighting.)

So how does it feel to be 10 years away from being both 16 and 36? Scary, huh. Or have you gotten over the fear of growing up that seriously plagues me right now? I’m so scared of the future and of taking on responsibilities I know I’m not ready for. How are you handling it? - grown up life. 

Oh my god it must have been a while since you left university! At least, 3/4 years, right? How does that feel? Please tell me all about it, it’s one thing that I’m actually really looking forward to!

How’s Ioan? He’d be like 22/23 now, wouldn’t he? Wow, how’s a 23 year old Ioan?! Is he doing creative stuff or is he more academic? At the moment he’s a bit of a mix, and I kind of hope he stays that way.

How are everyone? Are you still in contact with people from school and Pembs? If so, who?

Is Mac still alive? She’s a pretty old cat now so I really fear the answer to that question. OH MY GOD HAVE YOU GOT A CAT OF YOUR OWN? PLLEEASE TELL YOU HAVE! WHAT’S ITS NAME? WHAT COLOUR IS IT? Oooh, I’m excited for this cat now, can you tell?

Where do you live? I currently still live at home, which, I hope, would be pretty obvious. So far this is the 3rd house you’ve lived in. You’ve been living in England for nearly a year and a half. It’s weird because it feels like you have lived here longer, but also like you moved here yesterday. Is that weird? I don’t know. Do you live in London? Are you back in Wales? Do you still live at home? I hope you’ve moved out by now, but if there’s a proper reason why you haven’t then you can’t help it. Do you live with anyone? Aw, are you in love? I really hope you're in love.

Do you still write basically every day? Are you still creative and bookish? I think that I’d probably fall apart inside if you weren’t. I’d be really devastated. 

Have you finished writing a novel? I hope to finish the first draft of my novel this year, but you never know, something could have stopped me from finishing it. Have you had anything published, apart from blog posts? Oh my word, do you even blog anymore? Please say that you’re actually reading this! I’d feel so sad if you’d let this blog go.

What’s your favourite book? What’s your favourite film? What does your phone look like? Is Doctor Who still running? Have aliens invaded yet? Because I feel like that’s only a matter of time.

I hope you’re well and that you’re happy. That’s the most important thing to me.

Good luck, and see you soon - if we’re calling 10 years soon.

Yourself, aged 16.

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