Monday 4 January 2016

My Personal Goals for 2016

It seems like every blogger is doing the same few posts at the moment, but I want to publish my goals for this year, in the hope that writing them down and letting other people see them will make me more motivated to complete them!

1. Get out of bed when you're supposed to!

The time you set your alarm for is the time that will give you less stress in the morning. No one likes having to run for the bus because you’ve got 2 minutes until it leaves, do they? Get up on time and stop running around like a luny! It’s not helping anybody. 

2. Finish this goddamn novel!

You’re midway through this. In the summer you will have more time - complete this. 27,500 words is a great achievement and you should be proud of that, but you won’t rest until you have a finished novel in front of you. And plus your characters need to grow up - they need you. Now get on with it!

3. Have at least 30 screen-free minute before you go to bed!

You are so frantic and are constantly doing things - whether that’s writing, checking your blog, reading other blogs or just clearing up something when that could wait till later. Try not to look at any screens at least half an hour before you intend to go to bed. I know it’s hard, but try. Set down your homework and revision and anything else that’s keeping you up. Pick up a book or write in a notebook. Do something that will relax your mind.

4. Experiment with more make-up looks!

Get your creativity going and use loads of different colours and techniques. Invest in some decent make-up brushes and chuck out your old ones - they’re rubbish. Be daring with what you do - try out bright lipsticks and eyeshadows and attempt contouring!

5. Visit at least 2 museums.

Try to go to 3 if you can. You've got a long summer, take that time to go to a museum. Learn something! Go by yourself if you have to!

6. Write something every day.

By this I do not mean anything school related! Write in a journal, write more of your novel or write a blog post. Just make sure you keep writing!

7. Complete my GoodReads challenge (again!)

This year I've decided to read 20 books. Yes, this is 35 less than last year but I think that it's suitable when my current workload is considered. 

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