Monday 9 November 2015

Those Last Memories

Why is it that when we are alone, lying in bed with the empty darkness surrounding us, that our deepest, darkest memories that had been presumed long forgotten, all start flooding back to us? Why is it that things we didn’t even know we remembered, are suddenly so vividly imagined in our minds?

A conversation once whispered in class. A walk taken in the depths of autumn. An act of stupidity destined to make us cringe forevermore.

Memories from five years into our past. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years ago. Little scenes that make it through the tough sieve of time. Snippets of our lives compact into a dream, a flashback. For some reason they are the memories that make it through and survive. They are the ones that make us alive.

We have a whole lifetime’s worth of memories and clips and scenes. They are all archived away in the dusty back corners of our mind. It can only take one, tiny trigger before a whole file comes cascading down and we see a film of our lives paying before our very eyes.

We become that person again. Although, there are many times, when we look back on our idiocy and regret every action we took at that point in time. 

These distant memories show us how much we have grown since it was formed. They allow us to realise that we have changed, in more ways than one. They are helpful in the fact that we can see, quite easily, how we have become a better person.

Life is weird. In many ways. We live so long that we forget most of the things we have said and done. And then suddenly, miraculously, some of those things are remembered - clear as day, like they were never forgotten


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Jemima x

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