Friday 13 November 2015

5 of my writing inspirations

1. Giovanna Fletcher

Gi  Fletcher is one my my life inspirations just because of her happy, positive outlook that she spreads into her work and the Internet. I have read and love all of her books - particularly Billy and Me which is on my “All Time Favourites” shelf on GoodReads.

2. Cecelia Ahern

I just love this woman’s writing. Honestly I love all the books I have read of hers. They’re so creative and full of life and humanity. It all seems so true to life (apart from certain elements like imaginary friends but you know… we can forget about that). I have actually been given some writing advice from Cecelia Ahern as well, which was amazing and really boosted my productivity and confidence. It took her barely 20 minutes to reply to me after I had direct messaged her on Instagram and she gave some of the best advice I have heard.

3. Carrie Hope Fletcher

I have been a viewer of Carrie’s YouTube videos for years and she has been someone I look up to for most of that time. In times of sadness or when I just need a bit of an uplift in my spirits, I watch one of her videos - whether it’s a video of her singing, acting or just talking to the camera. I love hearing about her writing habits and her book All I Know Now is one held really close to my heart. Thank you Carrie, for keeping me going when life made it difficult.

4. Jane Austen

The brilliant woman who has written what are, in my opinion, some of the best books ever written is a huge inspiration to me. I have never heard the sound of her voice nor know for sure what she looked like but she has brought me immense happiness in the stories she created. Her books are so well written and reflect the aspects of society that have not changed since the time she wrote them, something I want to achieve in my own writing.

5. J.K. Rowling

How could I not include the woman who has essentially shaped my life with her words? She is one of the reasons why I write so much today and why I love words and stories so much. I cannot thank her enough for writing the books that would change my life in more ways than one. Her story strives me on to write and to believe in my ability as a writer - I know that if I am meant to write then I will be able to write.


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