Friday 2 October 2015

5 of my favourite Disney soundtracks

I made a post a few weeks ago now, where I listed my top 5 Disney songs. Now, as much as I love those songs and the films they go in, the soundtracks they belong to do not necessarily rank similarly in my opinion. So, I thought that I would show you guys those rankings today:

5. Beauty and The Beast

Tale as Old as Time, Be Our Guest, Belle… All beautifully written and encapturing songs. This was one of my favourite Disney films as a kid and these songs will remain special to me for a long time, I am sure.

4. Mulan

As this is my favourite Disney film ever, I believe that this truly deserves a place on this list. Every song is brilliant, in the way that they capture emotions and beliefs of that time and, what can often be, underlying beliefs of our on time. I could belt out the lyrics to I’ll Make Man Out of You anytime.

3. Hercules

My all time favourite Disney song (I Won’t Say I’m In Love) is part of this soundtrack, so how could I not include it on this list? However, that song isn’t the only one that brings it up to number 3 on my list. I really love all of the songs in this production, particularly with the Muses narrating, singing backup to Megara and taking pride of place in songs of their own.

2. The Little Mermaid

This film is famous for songs such as Under the Sea, Poor Unfortunate Souls and Kiss the Girl, all of which have incredibly catchy lyrics and tunes. I don’t know anyone who dislikes these songs and they are brilliant.

1. Cinderella!

 Oh my word! I cannot even attempt to describe to you how much I bloomin’ love this soundtrack! I absolutely adore the voices that came out of the 40s/50s era and the whole style of music at that time. That sort of music just makes me so happy and calm, and the true beauty of Ilene Woods’ voice takes centre stage in this film. The whole thing has a wonderful classic feel about it and, as it is one of Disney’s most classic films, that is quite rightly so.

via Cinderella 1950 film


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