Friday 4 September 2015

5 Summer Clichés

Summer has drawn to a close and the school bell is ringing ever louder. With the few days left I thought that I would share 5 things that usually make an appearance in my holidays, at least, and probably yours as well. So much so that they have become clichés.

1. Ice cream – EVERYWHERE!

Well, I mean this is an all year thing for me… But it’s mainly meant to be a summer food so that gives us all an excuse to eat more than usual!

2. The beach

The beach is practically synonymous with summer – it’d be hard not to include it on here to be honest. I have been lucky enough to live in a place that offers amazing beaches for most of my life and head to the beach whenever I am back home visiting friends and family.

3. Stereotypically British weather

Yes we Brits can’t seem to have a summer without a whole lot of rain! But we persevere. At least we know the weather will improve when we go back to school!

4. Lazy days

Everyone loves a lazy day. And they tend to occur more often when we are on holiday. I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve laid in bed for almost the whole day when I’ve been off on my summer holidays.

5. Swingball

This normally makes an appearance when camping, but for my family it came out during our ‘staycation’ (we stayed at home but visited some tourist attractions near where we live). The competition got quite competitive. So much so that we managed to break our old Swingball set and now have to buy a new one for next summer. Oops…

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