Monday 6 July 2015

Summer Struggles

It’s no secret that we British react very badly to the heat. We hate it with a vengeance. We simply cannot stand it. In fact, our inexperience and dislike of the heat can lead to our whole country falling into madness whenever the temperature climbs over 25 degrees C.

Personally, this has been my first real heatwave away from Wales (if you don’t know about my move read my post about it here), and I can honestly tell you that I have never missed the sea breeze more! There’s nothing I hate more than muggy and humid days – the stickiness of the whole thing just eugh, no. I cannot cope at all during these times and the already dwindling supplies of ice cream tend to disappear at a faster rate than usual (oops).
I seem to be on only one side of the spectrum however, as there are many people I know who have been loving the heat. They’re basking in the sun and playing sports outside constantly, while I lay on the grass wailing that it’s too hot. I’m there stretched out on my bed, stuffing ice cream in my gob and holding an ice pack to my overheated forehead, praying that my hay fever will be over soon; they’re on a field somewhere smiling and laughing because the weather is just so great!

Well, at least someone’s enjoying the heatwave…

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