Wednesday 3 June 2015

Dear My Future Self

Hi! Hello! Hey! I hope you’ve got this greeting people thing sorted out, cause God knows I’m terrible at it right now.
    So you’re me – us. How are you? I hope you haven’t been too stupid in the years to come, that’d be nice to know. I don’t know exactly when you’re reading this. A few years time maybe? You’ll be very different from me now, I presume. But I hope the essentials are still there. I don’t doubt that my main passions will have continued on to become yours. For who would we be without books, writing and our violin?
   Speaking of writing and books, have you finished that novel yet? You better have done – I’m quite sure you’ll be kicking yourself otherwise. Or have you written another one too? That would be pretty cool. Do you still re-read your favourite books every other month? Do you still play your violin at every chance you get? I hope so, and I hope you’ve got some more grades under your belt as well.
   I hope you’re more confident in front of people than I am now – a fault I probably need to rectify. Do you speak up more in front of new people and voice your opinions? You know you want to say something important to them.
   Sure, you’ve probably made some mistakes, but don’t worry, I don’t mind – they’re what help make us who we are. Go for whatever it is, and don’t have any regrets.
   Have you worked up the courage to perform small acts of kindness whenever you can? Even if it’s just saying “bless you” to some stranger who sneezed on the train.
   Do you visit home regularly? Go see the friends you and I both know, perhaps too well. Do you see the people who matter to you? If you don’t: drop everything and go see them now. I mean NOW.
   Are you more social than I am now? Because anything would be an improvement on that! I’m wishing that you’re not a hermit still. If you are, go outside and read or write there, instead of in your dark bedroom, where you know light will never reach your skin. You might be beginning to look like a vampire.
   Have you seen the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film? I found out that Eddie Redmayne is going to play Newt Scamander yesterday. Do you still keep up to date with Doctor Who? And have you watched more episodes of Classic Who? Have you finally got Netflix, so you can actually watch some of the shows you keep telling yourself you need to watch?
   But most importantly, are you happy? Are you safe? Are you having fun?
   Don’t worry: I have faith in you,

   Yourself, at 15.

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