Wednesday 13 May 2015

The Ponderings of a Daydreamer

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the human mind. Not in some weird zombie “LET ME EAT YOUR BRAINS ARGHH!” way - no, I’m not that crazy – but in a “Wow we’re actually pretty amazing,” way. The different ways and perspectives in which we see the world captivate me. The fact that each and every being alive has different opinions on everything, different habits and hobbies and loves and dreams has always seemed incredulous to me.
   Sometimes, when I have spent too long pondering such things, I slip into the land of daydream – a place I would be quite happy to be lost in for hours. I daydream about the goings on in the brain of the person sitting next to me, or behind me, or in front of me, or just a random person in the room. I dream how things must look from their perspective and how they view the same things that I am viewing. Often I imagine myself as that person (taking the phrase ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes’ a bit too seriously!) and construct the images and sounds of their thoughts, which for all I know, could be drifting just as much as my own are.

   We humans are odd and curious things: we create conversations with ourselves in our heads and form strong opinions on things that really, we couldn’t care less about. We spend our whole lives wanting to achieve the unknown and using our imagination to the maximum, even if it may not feel like it all the time. We get attached to things that our minds have created, whether it is a fictional character from a book, TV series or film, or an ideal scenario or life that we have built up over time.

    Our minds are amazing. We should try to remember that from time to time.


  1. Well said, Jemima. The human mind is an amazing thing. Most of us will never plunge past the surface of what we are capable of understanding. I'm saddened every day when I see people spending time and energy on something as inconsequential as a deflated footbal (American, obviously) when there is so much need in this world for solutions to real problems. I wonder if Albert Einstein were born in 2000 if he would have ended up being the world's greatest Mortal Combat player and nothing more. Please keep thinking and keep rambling (those are just thoughts exploding into the open air). Be an amazing young woman and make a difference.

    1. Thank you, I do find it quite disheartening whenever I see someone putting themselves down or focussing on something tiny, when they are oblivious to the bigger picture of things. I think that if people gave themselves more credit and thought about how amazing we are, they might be a bit more inspired to solve the real problems that you mentioned.
      Also, you'll be glad to hear that I don't plan to stop rambling any time soon.