Friday, 16 September 2016

5 Things That Should Have Been in the Harry Potter Films

Every Pottered will know how frustrating it is that certain elements of the books have been changed or left out altogether - anyone who loves the book original of a film adaption will know that! I could go on for ages about things left out of the Harry Potter films but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 points that I think are pretty important.

1. Harry finding Lily’s letter to Sirius

This scene is really heartbreaking to me and to Harry. It reminds both him and the reader of the life he could have had. It’s also a harsh reminder of the tragedy of his parents’ death. I think the films really remove James and Lily’s youth, which doesn’t resonate with the audience as much. They were only 21 and had their whole lives still ahead of them and I think that’s something that’s super important to the story.


2. Dudley’s change of heart

One of my favourite scenes in all 7 books is the last scene with the Dursleys, mainly down to the way Dudley behaves. He and Harry have a sort of truce as Dudley says “I don’t think you’re a waste of space,” and the way it’s portrayed just gets me. It makes me so sad that this is actual a deleted scene in Deathly Hallows Part 1! Why! It was so close to being included!


3. GINNY!!

I know the practically everyone agrees with me that Book Ginny does not in any way shape or form resemble Film Ginny. Yes, both are good at Quidditch and are Weasleys, however, I think Book Ginny stands up for herself a lot more and is more mischievous than her on-screen counterpart, who doesn’t spend as much time in cahoots with her prankster twin brothers. 


4. Voldemort’s body 

The fact that Voldemort’s body is let in a store cupboard until someone goes to move it is really symbolic to me and the fact that this was completely changed in the film is so annoying to me. The body is a comfort for the magic population and confirms that their nightmare is at an end. Without the body left over, there’s still the tension and uncertainness and they wouldn't have been able to breathe easily seeing as Voldemort had already come “back from the dead” once before. The wizarding world would be in complete disarray without there being a stone cold body left over. It also forces us to realise that he is still human and that n matter how hard you try, you can't evade death. 


5. S.P.E.W.

To me, this shows Hermione’s determination and strength in standing up for what she believes in. It’s so important. The way houselves are treated shows that the world we all see as so fantastical, fun and completely amazing is actually, well, not. It reveals the prejudice, hierarchy, oppression and downright slavery that is hidden underneath the bubbly surface and, let’s be honest, that’s something that’s really super important to highlight. 

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